Job Training VR KIT (Nursing : High-risk Newborns)

Nursing : High-risk Newborns

Job Training VR KIT

It is a VR solution that can educate the high-risk newborn nursing process. It is  divided 
into a basic course and an advanced course, and a practice mode and a practical mode in detail . , it is possible to evaluate through the practice mode.

experience timeexperience equipment
15 minutes per scenarioVR HMD 외 Workstation

basic courseIn-depth course
Infection control when a new patient enters the neonatal intensive care unit
Handwashing procedures 
, supplies preparation, training, and 
nursing related training
Skin care at the site of peripheral venous catheterization in premature infants
Hand washing procedure 
Ejaculation of peripheral venous catheter insertion site 
Sterile dressing performance training
Nursing related to breastfeedingBreastfeeding Preparation Course 
Hand Washing Procedure Training 
Gastrointestinal Possession Course Training 
Aspiration Prevention Nursing Training
High-risk drug infusion managementHandwashing procedures High- 
risk drug preparation training 
Infusion pump usage training 
3-Way usage training
Compliance with quarantine guidelines for children in contact isolation and environmental management
Hand washing procedures Diaper change incubator disinfection 
for children with rotavirus infection Infectious waste management education

Management of infants on a ventilator (Nasal CPAP)
Hand washing procedure 
Ventilator inspection training 
Respiratory status assessment training 
Skin care training

Goods preparation Incubator management
3-Way UsageVentilator Care

basic course

In-depth course

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