Industrial Safety VR KIT (Marine Safety Accident - Rope Snapback Accident)

Marine Safety Accident
- Rope Snapback Accident

Industrial Safety VR KIT

It aims to reduce safety accidents that result in human casualties by providing intensive
and repeated education services to those vulnerable to maritime safety,
provide correct information on maritime accident prevention,
and maximize education immersion and publicity effects.

Based on rope snapback accidents that may occur during fishing boat farming,
accident situations are recreated to recognize the risk of personal injury and accidents,
and learn and experience safety rules to prevent disasters.

Support for multiple
people to experience

  • Development of contents integration control app to support multi-person experience
  • Support all-in-one VR-based control

Implement and apply
the tutorial

  • Provides a tutorial to learn basic operation methods to increase accessibility for first-time users

multilingual subtitles

  • Support for Indonesian subtitles for foreign education support

How contents work

[1] Conduct Work

After the boatswain, a skilled sailor on a small fishing boat of less than 8 tons, taught how to operate the lift, from the first-person perspective of the accident person, the old moray line was found before operating the lift, and the fishing gear was not replaced.

- Operate elevator (start/stop)
- Check the old moray line
- Pick up the trap

[2] Accident Experience

In the first-person perspective of the accident person, a rope snapback accident occurred due to rope breakage due to inexperience in operating the lift and failure to replace outdated equipment.

- Grab the elevator lever (inducing malfunction)

[3] Accident Cause Analysis

The first-person perspective is changed to the captain in the wheelhouse, and the UI is used to analyze the cause of the accident, guide instructions, and experience how to report an accident using VHF in case of an accident on a fishing boat.

- Unskilled sailor's lifter operation                  - Equipment condition unchecked 
- Organize fishing gear during work               - Accident report using VHF
- Lifter unstoppable when tangled trap is removed

[4] Safety Situation Experience

Experience observing correct safety rules when working and learn ways to prevent accidents.

Skilled sailor's lift operation
- Frequent inspection of equipment condition : replacement of the moray line
- Organize fishing gear when working

Main Function

Directing how to operate Yang Seung-giOperating the elevator lever

pick up the trapDirecting an rope snapback accident

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