Metaverse platform for customized education

Now, through BEYOND LINK® 

Build a one-of-a-kind, custom  metaverse  space

Based on Samwoo Immersion most advanced XR content production core technology,  we build virtual spaces for various purposes such as exhibitions, education, and conferences, and create a  new communication culture.

Real-time communication and interactionSupport for background modeling production
Additional content extensibility
Simultaneous access for more than 200 people
High-definition 3D modeling
Instructor mode available
Utilization of videos and documents
Support for various devices


The Futuristic Campus with Perfect Online and Offline Connections

Metaverse Campus

Go to school on the Metaverse campus, which is implemented just like the real campus, and join the class by accessing the classroom. Various events such as admission briefings are held, as well as real-time interactive communication with students who are online. You can check all necessary information such as campus news and academic information on the Metaverse campus. Now, enjoy college life that transcends time and space constraints.


The Perfect Metaverse Exhibition and Exposition for All Exhibitions in The World

Metaverse Exhibition

You can enjoy immersive exhibitions and expositions by entering through the link without any space restrictions anywhere in the world. You can directly walk around the 3D booth designed for the characteristics of exhibitions and expositions, and view technologies, services, and promotional materials just like in real offline exhibitions. By providing 'Contact Us' for each booth, it will be implemented so that one-on-one consultations are possible at a desired time. 


The Perfect Metaverse Conference for Any Conference in The World

Metaverse Conference

Now, conduct meetings and conferences where a large number of people such as educational institutions and companies gather without restrictions on space and devices. Participants can be divided into speakers and listeners in a space where real-time two-way communication is possible, giving presentations or asking questions. there is. Various file formats are supported, enabling real-time sharing of video and various document data.


Future XR English Education Space

Metaverse English Village

Experience the future-oriented XR English education space beyond time and space constraints. From immigration procedures to post offices, police stations, restaurants, hospitals, libraries, museums, hotels, convenience stores, etc., you can experience various situations that occur in each space and learn daily conversations. In addition, a large number of people can gather and take lectures through the Metaverse lecture room in the English Village.

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