[BEYONDLINK™] Go straight into Metaverse, Busan

Go straight into Metaverse, Busan

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Starting to build and nurture industrial ecosystems, metaverse tourism products such as Songjeong Beach and Yongdu Mountain Park are also available.  

The Busan Metropolitan Government is preparing to foster Metaverse at the industrial level. A concrete outline is expected as early as next month. Based on this, the city government plans to support the application of Metaverse technology to various areas such as platforms and services. Regional companies are also actively developing technologies to preempt metaverse technology, and synergy is expected. 

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Can you see the outline of Metaverse? 

According to the Busan Metropolitan Government on the 10th, the city will complete four services related to metaverse within this month and start fostering the metaverse industry from this year. The ongoing service is △ Global Metaverse Industry Ecosystem Construction and Promotion Strategy △ Busan Metaverse Industry Ecosystem Development △ Songjeong Metaverse Surfing Village Construction Project △ Marine Culture Platform Construction Service. An official from the city said, "Although interest has exploded since the advent of the metaverse concept, there is no clear standard for the technical definition of metaverse," adding, "We will focus on laying the foundation for wide application to various industries." 

Yongdusan Park has begun to apply high-tech technology. By 2023, the city will invest 8.5 billion won in the budget, including state funds, to build an expanded platform based on metaverse and artificial intelligence (AI) in Yongdusan Park and commercialize tourism.

This year, we plan to implement a metaverse service centered on surfing Songjeong Beach and Yeongdo-gu Maritime Museum. Metaverse technology is also applied to exhibition and convention industries. We will build a virtual exhibition space infrastructure around Haeundae, centered on BEXCO, said Lee Joon-seung, head of the digital economic innovation office in Busan.

Digital twin, it's already started

Samwoo Immersion, which started with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology, has doubled its sales over the past two years. This is due to the preemptive introduction of metaverse-related technologies. Recently, digital twin technology was applied to Sinseondae Pier at Busan Port.

Digital twin is a technology that solves the problems of reality by moving the real space into a virtual space. The company explained that it is possible to prevent ship collisions and streamline port transportation as it can grasp the movement of port systems, ships, and transportation vehicles as well as container aggregation at a glance. The Busan Port Authority carried out the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries' public offering project, and Samwoo Immersion also participated in the development.
In addition to digital twin, Samwoo Immersion is developing a platform related to metaverse. The website itself consists of a metaverse space and is used as a promotional space for Samwoo Immersion. 

It is negotiating with universities by launching a 'Beyond Link' platform that is used for education. SWXR, a job education talent training program, is a program for industrial workers such as eco-friendly ships such as LNG ships, aviation, and medical care. CEO Kim said, "We define Metaverse as a network connection and focus on developing a platform for customers with a specific purpose rather than an unspecified number of people," adding, "We plan to expand and relocate our office building near Busan Station to carry out projects such as Metaverse-related talent development."

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