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Web VR Editor is a web-based VR content driving software that implements VR programs in a web browser through scenario creation and editing of VR content. Once the software and database are installed on the server, it is a product that users can use through a web browser. It is configured in the same way as a general web service.

Point 1) Virtual reality simulation applied with 3D scan data can be used in various fields.
Point 2) Web-based VR scenario technology enables display of various scenes.
Point 3) By applying 3D data to a virtual reality environment, users can feel as if they are there.

Main Features of Web VR Editor

Edit 360 space scenario
Support various multimedia
Place information
DB-based account management
Provides web-based VR scenario editing technology to support ease of creation and management of various field scenarios
Supports various multimedia applications such as 360˚ images and sound sources
Function support to place important information such as memos and documents in space
Efficient information management support through database-based account management

Web VR Editor

Web VR Editor - Edit Scean

Key Offerings and Services

Step 1
360˚  on-site shooting

Step 2
Run Web VR Editor

Step 3
Execution of Familiarization VR

*Source : Beta News(

  • Implementation of virtual reality simulation function through 360º 3D scan data
  • Implementation of functions that drive VR content on a web browser and allow users to directly create, edit, delete, and manage scenarios
  • It is operated on a web basis and can be used through a web browser without separate installation.
  • Support for utilizing various multimedia files


[1] Simulation through PC[2] Simulation through VR HMD

< Checking the simulation using monitor and mouse. >< Checking the simulation using HMD and controller. >

Use Cases

Hazmat suit wearing procedureShip structure familiarization

Software Quality Certification & Thesis

[Software Quality Certification] 1st Class (GS-22-0016)[Thesis] A Study on the Performance of Pre-Operated
Rendering Techniques to Reduce Rendering Loads
in a Web VR Environment

[Case ⓐ] Samwoo Immersion 

Even without special programming skills, anyone can implement simulations through a web editor program. You can easily display 360˚ 3D scanned data and various multimedia files.

VR │ View multimedia filesVR │ Move from place to place

CBT │ View multimedia filesCBT │ Move from place to place

[Case ⓑ] National Forensic Service

The fire scene is filmed with a 360˚ camera and a display is created using the Web VR Editor, enabling digital investigation simulation. Accurate identification is possible by developing it into a form most similar to the one at the time of the fire.

National Forensic Service

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