IMXR Job Training VR Content (Semiconductor Equipment Disassembly/Assembly)

Semiconductor Equipment Disassembly/Assembly

IMXR Job Training VR Content

It is necessary to improve the education environment tailored to next-generation semiconductors according to the growing need for an environment to enhance the competitiveness of the semiconductor industry by securing software tailored to new industries in line with the industrial paradigm shift and market fluctuations. It is a content that enables repeated and systematic job training on the disassembly and assembly process of semiconductor equipment by participating in practice without any restrictions such as time and place in a virtual space. By realizing a virtual environment similar to reality, it provides vivid visual and auditory effects so that users can feel as if they are interacting in a real environment.

Next-generation semiconductor MR (Mixed Reality) education system

01. Problems of semiconductor education

  • Difficult to have various types of semiconductor equipment.
  • Difficult to disassemble and assemble expensive semiconductor equipment.
  • The parts used in semiconductor equipment are expensive, making field customized training difficult for all students.

02. Establishment of an education system using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

03. Expected effects and curriculum application

  • Building a socially customized educational environment
  • Reduce training costs through hands-on training on unbuilt equipment and expensive equipment/parts
  • Improving job competency and field adaptation ability through repeated learning
  • Develop/apply various teaching methods related to MR and expect active participation from students
  • Sequential application according to learning stage (job proficiency)


    Clean room



    Equipment maintenance practice





Virtual Reality (VR) Educational Contents

■ Semiconductor parts and equipment disassembly and assembly contents

  1. Semiconductor process equipment maintenance process
    - Sputter parts replacement and equipment inspection
    - Dry etcher parts replacement and equipment inspection
    - Furnace parts replacement and equipment inspection
  2. Content for using clean rooms and responding to safety accidents
    - NCS-based semiconductor assembly process job training VR contents scenario composition
    - Realize the accident situation of the clean room realistically

■ Supply of integrated management programs for VR education and training equipment

  • Building an integrated control system environment
    - Supports educational content selection and simultaneous control convenience
    - Practice mode/evaluation mode selectable
    - Support remote power management
    - Support for new contents registration and update
    - Check content progress status information
    - Device selection, screen magnification function
  • Introducing all linked content or individual on/offline control solutions
  • Remote execution of selected scenarios by VR equipment
  • Client (trainee) status information

Key Application Planning Elements

Increased training effect and induces high sense of immersion based on systematic planning procedures used in NCS and industrial safety training scenarios

1. Environment Description
- Inducing immersion based on a realistic virtual environment
2. Familiarization with the work situation
- Understanding of the task

  • Provides a natural working environment and voice guide for business understanding
  • Presentation of experience titles and educational intentions for education
  • Play natural ambient sound for immersion
  • Support work situation explanation through voice and subtitles
  • Encourage participation in work situations based on natural conversations among workers
3. Accident experience 
- experience through maximization of experience effect
4. Accident cause analysis
- Increase educational effect and safety prevention education

  • Forced interaction and thinking experience for experience
  • Education and explanation of major accident causes
  • Application of emphasizing UI for accurate accident cause recognition

Scenario composition

1. Semiconductor process equipment maintenance process ① Sputtering procedure

01. Chamber deposition02. Low vacuum and deposition thickness setting03. Process after work


04. Quiz05. Analyze the procedure

2. Semiconductor process equipment maintenance process ② Dry etching procedure

01. Preparatory work02. Etching process03. Work check

3. Semiconductor process equipment maintenance process ③ Heat treatment process equipment (Furnace) procedure

01. Preparatory work02. Learn how it works03. Equipment replacement and inspection

4. Use of clean room and response to safety accidents

01. Selection of safety protection equipment02. Reagent Placement03. Reagent bottle disposal

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