IMXR Immersion Experience VR Content (Youth Safety Experience Pack - Disaster Safety)

Youth Safety Experience Pack - Disaster Safety

IMXR Immersion Experience VR Content

Safety education helps people understand the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for individual and group safety in daily life based on human dignity. And safety education makes you respect your life and the lives of others. Lastly, safety education forms habits to lead a safe and healthy life. Habituation or internalization of safety should not be done as a one-off or short-term education, but should be done continuously and repeatedly in daily life.

IMXR Immersion Experience VR Content (Youth Safety Experience Pack) allows you to realistically experience dangerous environments through virtual reality technology. Through this, experiencers can experience real-life risk situations in a safe experience space and improve safety coping skills.


■ Trainees become the main characters and can participate in training with a sense of immersion.

Provide an immersive educational environment
│ Provides an immersive educational environment in which trainees become the main characters, providing an environment for self-learning.

Realistic scenario
│ Samwoo Immersion's product planning team wrote a realistic scenario based on related laws and expert advice.

Provide various contents
│ We provide 4 types of content in 2 categories.

■ Real-time content was created to increase immersion and learning effects.

Natural conversations
that occur on the spot
Not awkward guide
with professional adult dubbing
Collection of various environmental
sounds in the actual field

■ Samwoo Immersion's unique development know-how was applied to develop experience content.

✔ Object LOD : Calculation speed reduction effect
✔ Particle Billboard/Batching
 : Improved particle and morph animation calculation speed
✔ Lighting map build
 : Improved shading operation efficiency
✔ Minimize garbage collector
 : Efficiently improve memory utilization
✔ Camera walking
 : Avoid frequent positioning
✔ Avoid primary colors and highlights
 : Exclude intense primary colors and high-intensity highlights


Optimized VR contents
that does not cause
motion sickness
and dizziness

How contents work

Step 1
[Mission Guide]
Provide missions for escape along with the experiencer's current situation
Step 2
[Guidance on behavioral tips]
Guidance and encouragement to take appropriate actions according to the situation
Step 3
[Sudden Quiz]
Expect a high learning effect by inserting a sudden quiz during the scenario
Step 4
[Certificate of Completion Completion]
Providing a sense of achievement by providing a mission success guide UI


[ 1 ] Typhoon warning! Prepare indoors!

  • Running time : about 4 minutes
  • Place : Apartment living room
  • Scenario : The experiencer hears a typhoon warning broadcast at home, moves a dangerous object into the house, closes the window, and fixes the door frame firmly. After that, select the appropriate items and prepare an evacuation bag.

[ 2 ] Typhoon warning! Evacuation safely!

  • Running time : about 3 minutes
  • Place : Outdoor
  • Scenario : The sky is overcast with strong rain and wind. The experiencer moves away from the habitually flooded area. Pass near the construction site with caution, be careful of falling objects and electric shock, and succeed in safe evacuation.

[ 3 ] Earthquake! Evacuate immediately!

  • Running time : about 3 minutes
  • Place : Apartment living room
  • Scenario: A magnitude 5 earthquake strikes while you are at home. After protecting the head and body of the experiencer, when it is quiet, shut off gas and electricity, put on the right shoes, prepare evacuation items, and escape through the emergency exit.

[ 4 ] Earthquake! Evacuation safely!

  • Running time : about 3 minutes
  • Place : Outdoor
  • Scenario : A magnitude 5 earthquake occurs while you are on the road. The experienced person next to the wall protects their head, moves to a safe distance away from the wall, and evacuates to an outdoor earthquake shelter (park/school/vacant lot).

IMXR Immersion Experience VR Content (Youth Safety Experience Pack) Preview

[Recommended specifications and specs of content]

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