IMXR Ship Job Training CBT Content (LNGC Cargo Management)

LNGC Cargo Management

Job Training
CBT Content

You can experience LNGC cargo management jobs based on realistic modeling of decks, manifolds, CMR, loading arms, and various safety facilities.

This is a solution that allows multiple people to learn at the same time.

Because it is a PC-based educational program rather than virtual reality, the multimedia capabilities of the computer application, including images, video, text, and audio, provide a rich and exciting experience for students. It can be easily customized to suit each student's learning style and pace, and the high level of customization has the advantage of grouping students with very different physical, mental, and behavioral characteristics.

Realistic expressions allow for highly immersive education and training.

High-resolution modeling is enough to increase students’ sense of immersion and allows for prior learning about LNGC ships. As a PC-based education program rather than a VR device, it allows for more realistic expressions than reality, and allows for self-directed familiarization training without individual learning instructions.

· Preparation
· SSL Connection
· GasLine Connection
· GasLine N2Purging
· Preloading
· Cargo Measurement
· ESDWarm Test
· LiquidLine N2Purging
· Cool Down
· ESD Cold Test
· Rate Up
· Cargo Monitoring
· Deballasting
· Rate Down
· Drainage
· Line Disconnection
· CTS Closing
· Clean Up

· Safe Equipment Preparation
· Arm Connection & N2Purge
· Cool Down & ESD Test
· Ballasting for Cargo Handling
· Safety Equipment Arrangement

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