IMXR Industrial Safety VR Content (Port Worker Industrial Accidents)

Port Worker Industrial Accidents 

IMXR Industrial Safety VR Content 

This is virtual reality safety education training content aimed at enhancing the safety of port workers and improving the competitiveness of the port industry. By providing safety education to port workers operating in hazardous environments, it is expected to foster a safe port environment and contribute to the development of the port industry. The training content offers a running time of 5 to 10 minutes to maximize experiential effects and enable repeated education. It includes auditory effects, instructional voices, and guidance UI to enhance immersion for trainees. Additionally, it provides a resolution of 2K or higher for an enhanced learning experience.


Based on a realistic virtual environment, our VR content fosters high user immersion and enhances educational effectiveness.

Utilizing lifelike representations and high-resolution modeling akin to real-life scenarios, our VR content enables immersive safety education. Leveraging patented technology from Samwoo Immersion, we prioritize user-centric content creation, ensuring an engaging and effective learning experience.
The system supports an integrated control system that enables instructors to manage and control the training of learners effectively. 

  • The system facilitates convenient selection and simultaneous control of educational content.
  • The system supports monitoring of content progression status and synchronization of user screens.
  • The system supports remote power management.
  • The system supports user perspective on operational content.


Forklift Rear-End Collision Accident

Forklift Operation: Learning Content for Identifying Risk Factors and Safe Work Practices 

Experience and Learn Accident Prevention: Simulation of Forklift Accidents Resulting in Fatalities due to Workers Moving outside the Forklift's Field of Vision without Signals while Moving Cases in Reverse at the Container Freight Station (CFS) 

  • Scenario development

1.Situation Overview Guidance 2.Work Instructions 3.Forklift Operation

4.Operating the Side Brake 5.Operating the Forward Gear 6.Operating the Fork Gear 

7.Operating the Reverse Gear 8.Accident Occurs9.Causes of Safety Accident

10.Preventive Measure 1
Placement of Signalers
11.Preventive Measure 2
Installation of Rearview Camera & Monitor
12.Preventive Measure 3
Installation of Reverse Warning Device 

Recommended specifications and specs of content 

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