IMXR Semiconductor Job Training VR Content (Eight major semiconductor processes : exposure process, etching process, wafer manufacturing process)

Eight major semiconductor processes : exposure process, etching process, wafer manufacturing process

IMXR Semiconductor Job Training VR Content

There is a need to improve the next-generation semiconductor customized education environment in line with industrial paradigm changes and market fluctuations. IMXR job training semiconductor process content is content that allows repetitive and systematic job training on the semiconductor equipment process in a virtual space without any restrictions such as time and place. By implementing a virtual environment similar to reality, it provides vivid visual and auditory effects so that users feel as if they are interacting in a real environment.


Through high-quality modeling and optimization technology based on real-time optimal performance

We increase trainees’ sense of immersion through high-resolution modeling based on real-time images, and based on Samwoo Immersion’s patented technology, we create user-centered content by optimizing the delay that occurs when using content.

Next-generation semiconductor process job training content based on systematic planning procedures


Maximizes the experience effect by performing the same interaction as the actual process through user-centered UI/UX. Increase understanding of semiconductor processing procedures through narration, subtitles, and theoretical explanations related to the process.

Supply of integrated management program for VR education and training equipment

Convenience of educational content selection and simultaneous control is supported by establishing an integrated control system environment. Remote execution of scenarios and client (student) status information allow instructors to manage and control trainees’ training.

Contents planning elements

  • Increase training effectiveness and induce high immersion based on systematic planning procedures used in NCS and industrial safety training scenarios

  • Scenario configuration based on 8 major semiconductor process procedures

1) 8 major semiconductor processes 

1. Wafer manufacturing: Cut silicon ingots into round wafers
2. Oxidation: Forming a silicon oxide film on the wafer surface
3. Photo: Engraving a semiconductor circuit on a wafer using light
4. Etching: Removal of the remaining portion (oxide film) excluding the circuit pattern
5. Deposition, ion implantation: After making a thin film, ion implantation to have electrical properties
6. Metal wiring: Connect the electric path (metal wire) according to the circuit pattern
7.Test (EDS): Inspects each chip (die) on the wafer to eliminate defective products
8. Packaging: Cut the chips on the wafer into individual pieces and apply a protective film to complete the semiconductor

2) Semiconductor processing equipment operation process


Semiconductor processing equipment operation process

[1] Learning wafer manufacturing process procedures

wafer quiz solved

[2] Learning exposure process procedures

2.First layer exposure process
3.Second layer exposure process

[3] Learning the etching process procedure

2.coding process
3.etching process

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