Job Training VR KIT (Cook - Hygiene Management)

Cook - Hygiene Management

Job Training VR KIT

This content was created to educate cooks on hygiene (personal hygiene, cooking hygiene) management process. There is a high training effect through experience and repetition of the important hygiene management process in the kitchen without limitations of space, materials, and environment. Through digital education contents tailored to the 4th industrial society, we establish the foundation of an educational environment that nurtures professional technical talents and apply the latest VR technology of Samwoo Immersion to enable realistic and immersive education.

Recommended specifications and specs of content 


  • Digital educational contents for fostering professional technical talent
  • VR operation environment support to enhance operation convenience considering the educational environment
  • Support for strengthening immersion through realistic 3D shapes through the latest technology

Virtual Reality (VR) Educational Contents │ Personal Hygiene Management

[1] Health care for cooks

Check health certificate

[2] Managing the chef's outfit

Proper outfit guide

[3] Managing cook's hand hygiene
※ This follows the 6-step hand washing process provided by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency.

Apply sanitizer to hands.
Rub palms against palms.

Hold fingers together and rub.
Rub the backs of hands and palms together.

Rotate thumb to the palm of the other hand and rub it.
Put palms together, interlace fingers, and rub.

Place your fingers and rub them under nails.
Rinse with running water.

Virtual Reality (VR) Educational Contents  │ Cooking Hygiene Management 

[1] Wear sanitary gloves

Wear sanitary gloves.

[2] Classification of food import and export

After checking the expiration date and temperature of ingredients, classify them into import and export.

[3] Attach container label

Large-volume processed foods must be stored after labeling when subdivided.

[4] Separate storage of ingredients

Separate storage should be performed to prevent cross-contamination.

[5] Precautions when defrosting from refrigeration

When defrosting in the refrigerator, be careful of cross-contamination with other ingredients.

[6] Precautions when using a chopping board

Chopping boards are used separately for each purpose.

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