Realistic Play Learning VR KIT (Dokdo Tour)

Dokdo Tour

Realistic Play Learning VR KIT

In order to immediately inform Dokdo, our land, Dokdo contents with historical information were produced, and you can feel Dokdo as real through realistic VR contents. In addition, it is possible to directly inform young people about Dokdo, which is our territory, to increase their historical awareness and cognitive ability, and to give students interest at their eye level.

Recommended specifications and specs of content


■ Organize correct contents based on verified data

  • Securing scenario expertise by utilizing data from the Northeast Asian History Foundation and Dokdo Museum
  • Dokdo natural environment and Dokdo contents production based on verified data

■ Apply advanced technology

  • Application of development know-how using Samwoo Immersion’s patented technology
  • Eliminates risk factors for safety accidents by providing a safe operating environment caused by obstruction of vision

■  Produce 3D VR contents

  • Experience the sky, land, and sea of Dokdo with 3D VR contents
  • Easy operation without additional controller


[1] Dokdo Keeper : The mission is to drive theGeobukseon and defeat the Japanese ships that have invaded Dokdo.

Dokdo Keeper

[2] Scenic view : Take the Geobukseon and experience the main scenic views of Dokdo.

Scenic view

[3] Soar : The Geobukseon transforms into an airship and flies around Dokdo to experience the changes of the four seasons of Dokdo.


[4] Undersea Ecosystem : The Geobukseon transforms into a submersible and explores the seabed of Dokdo to meet sea creatures.

Undersea Ecosystem

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