Ship Familiarization VR KIT (Electric Propulsion Lane)

Electric Propulsion Lane

Ship Familiarization VR KIT

In order to increase understanding of the safety and eco-friendliness of electric driveways, review their shapes, and support user familiarization, we have implemented a visual utilization familiarization system for Electric Propulsion Lane. It provides optimized VR-based electric propulsion lane familiarization content and supports realistic motion and environment visualization through electronic chart information and turning radius interpolation.

Recommended specifications and specs of content


VR content to review
design safety and shape

  • Support VR-based onboard location movement (wheel room, engine room, passenger room, etc.)
  • Support survey function for design review
  • Support various point-in-time changes
  • Visualize the natural environment day and night
  • Light arrangement inside the ship and description of the environment
  • Maintain quality of 2K or higher (FHD) and at least 60 FRAME
  • Check the placement of shapes used for mobile battery devices and roadways

Assistance in understanding
the differences between 
and electric propulsion lane

  • Support a device for realizing vibration and noise, which are characteristics of a diesel engine
  • Comparison for experiencing the difference between an engine of an electric propulsion vehicle and a diesel engine
  • Support the expression of changes in sound and vibration according to distance (spatial sound)
  • Offers sound and vibration control
  • Linking design stability and shape review VR contents with VR-based route experience contents

Support for familiarization with the operating environment of electric propulsion lane

  • Support the analysis of the operating environment of electric propulsion lanes (provide a roadway item terrain model)
  • Route editing function based on WGS84 coordinate system
  • Route confirmation function at the time of the vehicle lane according to the movement route
  • Dual visualization mode based on VR and 3D
  • Delineation of major ports and visualization of light buoys
  • Describe the linear section for each point between each route
  • Support double speed setting
  • Provide operating time in simulation


1. Create VR Contents
 ① Implementation of survey function for familiarization and shape verification process

[Start Survey]

[Survey in Progress]

[Survey Completed]

 ② Realization of environment representation by time zone to realize a realistic situation




 ③ Implementation of location movement function for free movement in virtual reality space

[Enter Movement Mode]

[Select Move Location]

[Move Completed]

2. Implementation of Electric Lane
 ① Implementation of a function to check the numerical value of the entire shape of the electric propulsion lane
 ② Implementation of the user's movement function to check the movement of various spaces

[Wheel Room]

[Engine Room]

[Passenger Room]

 ③ Check the layout of the mobile battery device and the layout of the shape used for the electric propulsion lane

[Battery Bus]

[Cargo Vehicle]

[Charging Holder]

 ④ Provide diesel driveway shape for comparison experience with diesel driveway

[Appearance 1]

[Appearance 2]

[Appearance 3]

3. Function to implement the route
 ① Implementation of a function to visualize the main ports and light buoys of the roadway


[Light Mark]

[Light Mark]

 ② Realization of environment change function according to day and night (compliance with light buoy IALA-B regulations)

[Weekly Light Buoy]

[Night Light Buoy]

[Night Lighthouse]

 ③ Realization of a function to input the expected route data of the vessel by applying the WGS84-based coordinate system




 ④ Realization of ship’s natural movement function and ship speed function based on expected route data

[Implementation of Route]

[Calculation of Turning Points]

[Double Speed]

4. Manufacture a vibrating feeling system
 ① Organize an environment where you can indirectly feel the noise and vibration of a diesel engine

[Haptic Vest]

[Ankle Vibration]

[Vibration Panel]

 ② Implementation of vibration and noise control support function


[Control the Vibration]

[Control the Noise]

 ③ Add a sense of reality through design geometry review and VR content that supports familiarization

[VR Content]

[Electric Propulsion Lane]

[Vibration Sensing Device]

 ④ Implementation of sound and vibration change function according to distance (Spatial Sound)

Contents Modeling

Creating the Appearance

Creating the Inside

Creating the External Texture

Creating the Internal Texture

Express the Texture

Creating the Battery VehicleCreating the Diesel ShipCreating the Electric Motors


VR Result

1. VR Function

Mini MapSurvey


2. Feel Vibration

Select TypeSelect Time

Set Vibration StrengthSet Volume Level

3. Realization of routes

Check and Add CoordinatesCheck the Route

Sailing SimulationSet Speed

User l 

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