IMXR Ship Job Training VR Content (LNG propulsion ship fuel supply and demand simulator and DF engine operation training system)

LNG propulsion ship fuel supply and demand
simulator and DF engine operation training system

IMXR Ship Job Training VR Content

Development of IMXR® SIM - LNG Ship Job Training Simulator product for ship mounting to support LNG propulsion ship fuel supply and DF engine operation training for crew training for domestic and foreign shipping companies and educational institutions!

The 『Development of Technology for Localization and Standardization of Core Equipment in the Marine Fisheries Industry』 project was carried out with the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries and the Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute. It is a task to reduce dependence on foreign imports and strengthen competitiveness in maritime and fisheries technology through localization of key equipment and materials in the field of marine and fisheries. In a virtual reality (VR)-based environment that simulates the dual fuel engine and auxiliary machinery widely used in gas-powered ships, the DF engine and gas fuel supply system can be familiarly understood. In addition, you can learn the preparation procedure before starting (departure) of the DF engine used as the main engine for ship propulsion.


[Protocol development for standards-based operation] 

■ Development of ISO 19847 / 19848 standard protocol processing module

  • Classification and development of protocols that can be used for communication modules between servers and equipment
  • Rest, NMEA, CSV, MODBUS, MQTT input support protocol processing module applied
  • MIMIC, ESD, ECR control panel, IAS, CCR control panel input/output definition and interlocking module implementation
  • The output structure is a Subscribe-based XML and Json provisioning server implementation
  • IEC 61162-450 TCP and UDP communication protocol definition and inter-system control communication implementation (message definition name, ACK, Checksum, equipment identification ID)
  • Apply CRUP-based HttpRequest structure

[3D modeling implementation and VR-based training system function development]

■ Development of 12 types of 3D shapes of major equipment based on IGF education and training standards

  • Selected 12 types of major equipment related to FGSS and DF engines based on 3000TEU Mumbaio configuration
  • 3D shape production including 12 types, reflection of expert advice, and completion of third-party verification testing

■ Development of functions for applying VR-based multi-linked training and system algorithms

  • Implementation of VR-based major interactions and interaction modules according to LNG fuel supply and demand operation procedures
  • Implementation of major operational functions such as valve control, MIMIC, ESD, CCR, etc. and application of training devices

[Obtained classification certification for the world's first Seafarers Training Program for Ships subject to the IGF Code (Basic-Course)] 

[Training Course]

1) Textbook

  • PART I. Understanding the IGF Code and its training courses.
  • PART II. Properties of LNG and other Low-flashpoint fuels, and its hazards.
  • PART III. Structures, fuel containment system and fuel supply system of ships subject to the IGF Code.
  • PART IV. Precautions and measures of Health and safety, Pollution prevention of the environment.
  • PART V. Emergency response and Fire-fighting operation.

2) Virtual Program

  • Familiarization of ship subject to the IGF Code : Fuel Gas Supply System (Bunkering Station, IMO type C Tank, LP FGSS.
  • Familiarization of ship subject to the IGF Code : Dual Fuel System in Machinery Space (Double wall pipe, GVU, GAU for X-DF).
  • Introduction for Drip Tray.
  • Introduction for Water Curtain.
  • Gas sampling and Testing.
  • Manual Emergency Shut Down.
  • Portable Fire Extinguisher.
  • Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher.


  • IGF code based on IMO Model course 7.13 
  • STCW Code, Annex 1/ Part A/ Chapter V/ Section A-V/3
  • IMO Model Course 7.13, Paragraph 4.4
  • Basic Training for Master, Officers, Ratings and Other Personnel on Ships Subject to IGF Code (IMO Model Course 7.13)

Contents (25 types)

[LNG ship structure familiarization - 2 types]

■ Understanding hull structure and characteristics (2 types)

  1. Understanding FGSS structure and characteristics
  2. Understanding DF engine structure and characteristics

FGSS structure and characteristicsDF engine structure and characteristics

[LNG supply and DF operation training - 6 types]

■ LNG fuel supply and demand training (2 types)

  1. Shore to ship
  2. Ship to ship

Shore to shipShip to ship

■ DF engine operation training (4 types)

  1. Preparation before starting DF engine
  2. Engine startup and inspection during operation
  3. Fuel conversion
  4. Organ suspension preparation

Preparation before starting DF engineEngine startup and inspection during operationFuel conversion
Organ suspension preparation

[Fire extinguishing and safety equipment training - 10 types]

  1. ERS/ERC
  2. ESD
  3. Water Spray System
  4. Water Curtain
  5. Drip Tray
  6. Fixed Dry Chemical Powder System
  7. Leakage Detection System
  8. Leakage Detection
  9. Fixed CO2 Fighting System
  10. Ventilation (GVU, FGSS RM)

ERS/ERCESDWater Spray SystemWater Curtain

Drip TrayFixed Dry Chemical PowderLeakage Detection SystemLeakage Detection

Fixed CO2 Fighting SystemVentilation (GVU, FGSS RM)

[Emergency response training - 7 types]

  1. Insufficient bolt tightening
  2. Replacing old valves
  3. Insufficient blowing
  4. Line-Block
  5. Line-Up Mistake
  6. STS Communication Link Error
  7. Insufficient gasket fastening

Insufficient bolt tighteningReplacing old valvesInsufficient blowingLine-Block

Line-Up MistakeSTS Communication
Link Error
Insufficient gasket fastening

Integrated training of eco-friendly fuel supply and demand equipment


LNG propulsion vessel FGSS and DF operation - HardwareOnshore and Ship LNG Tanker Fueling - Hardware

[Training on fuel supply and demand procedures]

ESD TestCool Down

IMXR Ship Job Training VR Content (LNG propulsion ship fuel supply and demand simulator and DF engine operation training system)


Composition of marine equipment

Host Ministry l 

[Recommended specifications and specs of content]

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