[Samwoo Immersion 24.02.05.] Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. February 2024 Immersion Workshop - ‘The second step to materialize Samwoo’s vision!’ in progress

< Samwoo Immersion CEO David Kim is introducing an overview of the February immersion workshop. >

On the 5th, the February immersion workshop ‘The second step to materialize Samwoo’s vision’ was held to develop Samwoo’s teamwork.

While last month's workshop proposed business models for each team and looked at the vision for Samwoo Immersion's great leap forward, this February's Immersion workshop discussed the development of the proposed vision and ways to materialize it.


The main points and direction of progress for the main agenda for February are being explained. >

On this day, the main agenda was to build a realistic image that can be seen at a glance from the customer's perspective based on Samwoo Emersion's overall workflow IMDF, including (1) a plan to apply the story brand on the company page; (2) For systematic and efficient external promotional activities, the plan to build a mobile block exhibition booth will be applied to the largest Metaverse Expo in Korea, which is scheduled to participate in March. (3) Expected effects and continuation direction of the recruitment-linked Unreal developer training course, which is being held at SWXR CAMPUS for approximately one month from the 1st, (4) We discussed concrete plans for each team regarding expansion directions for building domestic and overseas development infrastructure pipelines.

In addition, starting with the SWXR CMAPUS training center that will be opened separately on the 7th floor of the Busan headquarters in the current month, the scope of the SWXR CAMPUS Geumjeong branch will be expanded within the headquarters through collaboration with EB Networks, an integrated education consulting company located in Geumjeong, etc. We introduced news about a step forward in providing immersion experience (IX) education to a wide range of trainees.

Lastly, CEO David Kim emphasized the importance of the second step to achieve each team's vision goal through this workshop, and at the same time, expanded the IX Development Center and talent pool pipeline to materialize the vision of all Samwooins. He said that he would generously provide manpower and budget support, including formation, and encouraged Samwoo people's will to take development to the next level.

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