[SAMWOOIMMERSION 24.05.16.] Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. successfully completes 13th anniversary founding ceremony

Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. successfully completes its 13th anniversary “Symbol of New Beginnings and Changes” Founding Ceremony

The 13th anniversary ceremony, held on the 16th with the CEO and all executives and employees of Samwoo Emersion in attendance, ended successfully.
 This event, which was held at the first training center of 'SWXR CAMPUS' , Samwoo Immersion's XR technology-based immersive job training campus that was newly opened early this year  , was a place where new beginnings and changes could be felt. It started with a founding speech, watched a video, and featured representatives. It was held in the following order: sharing the director's vision, presenting 5-year/10-year service awards, and celebrating birthdays in May.

<  Samwoo Immersion's system framework  : Consisting of organizational and procedural immersion communication system (PICS), teamwork system (ITS), immersion experience development standardization framework (IMDF), BM, etc.>

On this day, CEO David Kim expressed his gratitude to all executives and employees for their hard work through this 13th anniversary ceremony, which will be a symbol of new beginnings and changes, and at the same time announced Samwoo Immersion's *system framework, which has been revised for the future corporate vision. It was introduced through a blueprint, and by focusing on enterprise resource management based on the framework , Samwoo Immersion will be able to provide a more complete immersion experience (IX), which is the core value of Samwoo Immersion, to a wider range of customers. .

In particular, as an immersive reality (IR) technology development company, with the news of the commercial launch of 'IMBuilder', a standardized Unreal Engine development tool based on the Immersive Experience Development Standardization Framework (IMDF) , which has been systematically built through a database accumulated over many years, We announce  the construction of 'IX Market', a company mall that brings together Samwoo Immersion's commercialized XR education contents and packages, HW/SW integrated solutions, and platforms into one , and through these products/platforms, Samwoo Immersion's core competitiveness will increase in the future. We emphasized that we will enable customers to see at a glance and more easily experience the future of the XR education market, which is the nation's largest XR content IP-based convergence technology service.  

Next, an award ceremony was held for long-term employees, and this year, a total of 5 people were awarded (*10 years of service: 2,500,000 won in reward and 5 days of paid vacation / 5 years of service: 1,000,000 won and 3 days of paid vacation), and the CEO After joining Samwoo Emersion until today, I have faithfully performed my duties with all my passion and sincerity, not only contributing greatly to the development of the company, but also expressing my gratitude for my staunch loyalty to the company.

In addition, after a congratulatory and gift-giving ceremony for the 7 birthday recipients of the month, the ceremony ended with a meal prepared by renting a meat restaurant near the company to express gratitude and hard work to all executives and employees.  

On this day, CEO David Kim concluded the ceremony and thanked all the executives and employees who participated in this 13th anniversary ceremony, which will be a symbol of new beginnings and changes. Although it is a celebration of the 13th anniversary, it is a time of desperate need to grow and survive in a cold-blooded reality. It was also a place to share resolutions. In order to provide a perfect immersion experience (IX) and help customers grow, Samwoo Immersion communicates as a team rather than as an individual, and that we will generously support Samwoo Immersion's achievements and challenges  so that everyone can grow as a leader . 

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