[24.03.27.] Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. selected as 2023 KCA Excellent Corporate Performance!

Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. selected as 2024 KCA Excellent Corporate Performance! 

Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd., a leader in digital twin specialized companies, was selected as a KCA Excellent Performance Company. 

Digital twin is a technology that simulates situations that may occur in reality and predicts the results. Through this, various services through ICT/SW convergence are being operated through verification and application in each region.

Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. is a specialized developer of XR solutions in the industrial field and has been developing and supplying XR technology-based solutions in industrial job training and various education and training fields. We are expanding the XR market with a new paradigm of industrial use of VR and AR technology, which was previously specialized in the gaming industry, and provide integrated XR education and training infrastructure and services through a customized Metaverse platform. 

In addition, varlos XR solutions are being introduced, such as an all-in-one smart remote work support platform and a DT monitoring system with digital twin technology. Since 2013, Samwoo Immersion has developed technology to synchronize 3D image overlap information and 2D block layout information using block location data, providing real-time DB updates, image information system, and notification warning APP functions, providing the basis for digital twin technology. prepared. Afterwards, we built smart construction technologies such as deep learning-based automatic ship recognition program and AI-based ship collision prevention system (AI-MASTER), marine construction safety monitoring digital twin system, ship monitoring digital twin system, and terminal monitoring digital twin system, etc. The scope is expanding.

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‘Jagalchi Market Disaster Prevention Center’ site photo

Establishment of a multi-use facility management platform 

Samwoo Immersion is building various solutions based on its own digital twin technology. We have achieved many achievements, including establishing a real-time safety management platform for Busan Jagalchi Market facilities using 5G-based digital twins and establishing a facility safety management system in various fields that require management of large facilities. 

In order to establish a foundation for verifying and disseminating these digital twin solutions and service models, Samwoo Immersion participated in the 'Development and verification of an integrated safety monitoring platform for Jagalchi Market through 5G/digital twin-based new technology convergence and distributed data management' project. did. Busan Jagalchi Market, the commercial district with the largest floating population in the Busan region, needed a disaster response simulation and safety management platform due to aging facilities. With the participation of Busan City and Busan Facilities Corporation, Samwoo Immersion selected support service items using a digital twin-based disaster prevention integrated monitoring platform for facility management and verified the service model through demonstration. Support services include fish market water quality management services through seawater quality measurement, flooding detection services, hazardous substance detection and air quality management services through air quality measurement, and fire detection and escape route guidance services.

Implementation of digital twin platform using game engine

VARLOS® visualization techniques, such as PBR shader, post processing, and lighting effects of the Unreal game engine that Samwoo Immersion will use in the development of the VARLOS® building control monitoring digital twin system, played a key role in realizing realistic shapes in real time. . In addition, the openness and flexibility of Unreal Engine, which can easily expand the necessary functions, made it possible to integrate AI-based prediction and forecasting functions and linkage with legacy systems that require various communication standards required to build a digital twin monitoring system. The advantages of Unreal Engine and the development environment using it are expanding not only to game development but also to various content and solution development areas, and many developers are paying attention to Unreal Engine's powerful functions and flexible openness.

Establishment of services that reflect users’ safety management needs

Samwoo Immersion constantly communicated with stakeholders to successfully carry out this fund project. This was to smoothly resolve difficulties such as difficulties in integrating legacy systems such as CCTV for digital twinization and delays in finalizing service items due to differences in opinions of various stakeholders during the short project period. The digital twin integrated safety monitoring platform that Samwoo Immersion has built through this fund project is expected to be reborn as a more advanced and standardized integrated disaster prevention-centered model by actively reflecting feedback from actual users of the service model. In addition, as 5G-based IoT sensor data accumulates, it will become possible to implement more accurate prediction and forecast simulations, and a foundation will be laid for the implementation of various services that were difficult to commercialize in the existing 4G (LTE) environment.

ICT Hot Clip Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. - Realizing a virtual world that reflects reality

A digital twin-based disaster prevention integrated monitoring platform that supports preemptive facility management services and disaster prevention services by applying digital twin technology.
VARLOS® Building control monitoring digital twin system

We support preemptive facility management services and disaster prevention using digital twin technology. We provide air quality management services based on air quality measurement and detection of hazardous substances, and use water/air quality sensors to measure seawater quality and prevent pollution by measuring water quality and determining the presence or absence of pollution. By collecting and analyzing various surrounding data information, we implement basic machine learning and forecasting models for the geological flow of the seafloor, and visualize seawater information using a large media wall. In addition, we provide a service that not only detects fire but also guides you to a safe route by escaping from dangerous areas based on machine learning.

VARLOS® Building control monitoring digital twin system

Development and verification of Jagalchi Market integrated safety monitoring platform through 5G/digital twin-based new technology convergence and distributed data management

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