[SAMWOOIMMERSION 24.05.08.] Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. IMXR® STATION 3 types, LG Hello Vision online store opens with new products in May!

Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. IMXR® STATION 3 types of online store opens for new products introduced by LG Hello Vision in May!

LG Hello Vision rental value chain service launched!

By linking supply, distribution, sales, and service as one chain, Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. stably supplies three types of IMXR® STATION to consumers.

Targets are B2C [Companies & Individuals], B2B [Businesses & Corporations], B2G [Businesses & Governments]

LG Hello Vision is Korea's largest comprehensive cable broadcasting company and is engaged in a variety of businesses including communications, mobile, broadcasting, and ICT solutions.

Recently, as the proportion of the rental business has increased, we provide rental services for various equipment required by businesses such as Samsung, LG, Winia, Lucums, and Dyson, public institutions, and companies, and supply them to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Accordingly, Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd., as a specialized developer of XR solutions in the industrial field, has been developing and supplying XR technology-based solutions in industrial job training and various education and training fields, signed an MOU and launched three types of IMXR® STATION through the online store.

[VR Station XO] / [Portable VR KIT] / [CPR / AED XR KIT] has been opened.

The opening of the rental service of Samwoo Immersion & LG Hello Vision is

1. Customers do not have to worry about initial costs, and there is no decline in loan performance or credit rating, so they can use stable services, providing reliability in name value.

2. From the customer's perspective, the probability of a contract being concluded can be increased by suggesting various forms to business partners who lack financial resources or wish to purchase a rental.

3. We provide high-quality service and quick processing to our clients.

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삼우이머션 IMXR® STATION 3종

The information can be found on the LG Hello Vision RV website “https://lghellovisionrv.com/index.html”.

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