[SAMWOOIMMERSION 24.01.09.] Samwoo Immersion Teamwork VISION Workshop

Samwoo Immersion Teamwork VISION Workshop

On the 9th, Samwoo Immersion held the 『Immersion Teamwork VISION Workshop』 to celebrate 2024, where department heads announced new year plans and goals for each department. The goals for each department presented at the workshop were conveyed as important plans for the company's future direction and growth. Additionally, we emphasized promoting growth and development within the company to help team members achieve their personal goals. I look forward to 2024, when all Samwoo people grow and develop together while listening to the projects and plans planned for each department.

< CEO David Kim and heads of each department are announcing their departmental vision for 2024. >

Following the presentations by each department, the 『Business Model Proposal Contest Award Ceremony』 was held for all employees. All employees participated in this contest, which aims to 'cultivate capable team members who lead the company's growth,' by presenting various ideas, and one grand prize winner and nine excellence award winners were selected.

< The 1st All-Employee Business Model Proposal Contest Award Ceremony is in progress. >

At the conclusion of this workshop, which was held in a rented conference space at Busan Station as there was limited space to hold it in the headquarters classroom, CEO David Kim said and gave encouragement, "I hope 2024 will be a year in which all employees grow and develop together. Let's work hard to achieve our goal this year as well."

"Upgrade yourself by immersing yourself. Samwoo Immersion, a company that grows customers!"

2024 Immersion Teamwork VISION Workshop

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