XR-based job training & talent nurturing center

Samwoo Immersion is an Educational Partner for Career Exploration
certification organization designated by the Ministry of Education.
XR (Procedure)
SIM (Simulation)
3D CBT (Assemble Disassemble Analysis)
METAVERSE (Familiarization)

Now experience future XR job training space 

beyond time and space constraints with SWXR CAMPUS®

Based on the IMXR® job training contents of Samwoo Immersion, it is a future vocational training center operated based on the establishment of XR education environment and technical personnel necessary for various job training and human resources training courses such as LNG vessels, industrial, aviation, and medical fields. In addition, the linked XR Developer Training Center, Private Startup Support Center, and XR Experience Center will be integrated into the center. 

SWXR CAMPUS® is joined by local universities, associations and associations.

Now realize future education with SWXR CAMPUS®



XR ECO-SHIP Job training Center

At the XR Smart Eco-Friendly Vessel Job Training Center, all processes related to eco-friendly vessel operation are taught using expanded reality-based educational contents modeled on actual eco-friendly ships (eco-friendly fuel carriers/ eco-friendly fuel churning ships/ eco-friendly fuel bunkering ships/ eco-friendly fuel bunkering trucks). Experience and learn.




We are creating an XR-based future education environment through cooperation with Samwoo Immersion's extended reality education solution construction technology and training know-how of an aviation maintenance education institution.



XR MEDICAL Job training Center

The XR Medical Job Training Center aims to nurture excellent nurses through various nurse job training contents for nursing trainees.


IX Youth Experience Center


We provide a realistic experience through various XR-based contents. We provide a variety of interesting programs such as XR development company experience, youth safety experience, and youth job experience.


IX Unreal Developer Training Center


It is a developer nurturing center that aims to nurture outstanding talents in cooperation with local universities and related institutions.


IX Startups Incubator


SWXR® SCHOOL This is an XR field startup support incubation system that is provided to outstanding talents among students and graduates.

SWXR CAMPUS® creates a new education and training platform that has never existed before in the world with the Korea Industrial Job Association, a talent training organization tailored to the demand through job value discovery.

The Korea Industrial Job Association is an organization established with the goal of improving job competencies and rethinking job values to nurture talents in various industries needed by companies. Education and training service providers for talent development, industrial talent demanders, trainees, and various talent development professionals in the academia gather to actively carry out activities to rethink job values in line with the changing industrial structure and paradigm of the times. In addition, by operating the world's first association-led industrial talent training metaverse platform called KIJAVERSE WORLD, KIJA are creating a new talent training paradigm.

Associated with SWXR CAMPUS®

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