Immersive Realistic Experience Program

SWXR® CLASS of Samwoo Immersion SWXR CAMPUS® provides a realistic experience through various XR-based contents.

We provide a variety of interesting programs such as XR development company experience, youth safety experience, and youth job experience.

In the future, we will create SWXR® CLASS that meets the needs of our customers by developing more diverse experience programs.

|Reservation information

Samwoo Immersion’s youth experience program can be reserved through various platforms.

Experience the realistic XR experience program for teenagers by booking on the platform of your choice right now!

|Expected Effect

  • Improve your understanding of XR and your ability to utilize it.
  • Gain information about the XR industry through XR development company experience.
  • Learn the importance of safety through youth safety experiences.
  • Gain experience in a variety of occupations through youth job experiences.


Immersion Experience Program

  • Samwoo Immersion hopes that future talents in the community will grow to make greater contributions to businesses and society.
  • Experience a wide range of contents developed by Samwoo Immersion and learn about the new trends of XR and digital twin technologies.

|Experience Programs ※ Select from the programs below.

Special lecture by CEO

Special lecture by experts

Company Tour

Experience development contents


Youth Safety Experience Program

  • Use VR technology to experience and learn real-world dangerous situations.
  • By learning about dangerous situations without exposure to actual dangerous situations, you can recognize the importance of safety and improve your ability to prevent accidents.
  • Repeated learning is possible to increase learning effectiveness and create safe habits.
  • It provides an immersive educational environment in which trainees become the main characters, and provides an environment where students can learn on their own by taking quizzes.

|Experience Programs (Choose 1 between Life Safety / Disaster Safety)

1) Life Safety

2) Disaster Safety

Fire  l  Life Safety

  1. Fire inside the apartment
  2. Fire occurred inside the school science lab

Water  l  Life Safety

  1. Fire inside the passenger ship
  2. Rescued after finding a drowning person

Typhoon  l  Disaster Safety

  1. Prepare at home for a typhoon
  2. Evacuate from a dangerous situation outside

Earthquake  l  Disaster Safety

  1. Evacuate from indoors to outdoors
  2. Get to a shelter outdoors

|Experience Activities

VR Experience

Theory Education


Youth Job Mission Experience Program

  • It is a job experience program that enables children and adolescents to experience in various occupational fields.
  • You can experience and explore various jobs in virtual reality firsthand to discover your areas of interest and potential.
  • Interactive experience of real-world work environments, tools, equipment, and more in the virtual world can help you understand and connect to real-world work processes.
  • Some jobs can be unsafe or limited for teenagers to experience in person, so using VR, teenagers can experience and explore various jobs in a safe environment.

|Experience Programs

Aviation Mechanic · Flight Attendant · Forensic Investigator · Researcher

|Experience Activities

VR Experience

Theory Education


Youth Job Guide Experience Program

"What kind of jobs do teenagers want to have? Nurse, navigator? Or do you still want to know many kinds of jobs? You can experience various occupations through VR! Now, take the first step towards making your dreams a reality with VR!"

  • Experience the job field as a taste through VR and understand various aspects of the job.
  • Experience guides from different occupations and explore what's right for you.
  • You can experience jobs in a safe and diverse environment without actually taking risks.
  • It helps you discover your strengths and interests and decide what career to choose in the future.

|Experience Programs

Nurse  ·  Construction materials researcher  ·  Engine engineer  ·  Semiconductor engineer  ·  Baker  ·

Pharmaceutical researcher  ·  Navigator  ·  Hair designer

|Experience Activities

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