[Daegu·Gyeongbuk News 22.07.16.] Gyeongbuk Conjinwon, “Conduct job training for young job seekers”

Provide practical training including Unreal Engine training and special lectures for excellent companies with realistic content

(Daily Daegu Gyeongbuk News = Reporter Hwang Ji-hyun) Gyeongsangbuk-do Creative Content Agency (hereinafter referred to as the Promotion Agency, President Jong-soo Lee)'s Content Enterprise Support Center (hereinafter referred to as the Support Center) opened the 4th floor event hall of the support center from July 18 to 22 for young job seekers related to the content industry. Target job training will be conducted.

In the job training that will be held from the 18th, new personnel matched with the contents company will participate as a result of the '1st and 2nd recruitment of the company-matching content manpower nurturing project'. This training consists of an effective content creation training curriculum such as business manners to help new employees adjust to their jobs and reduce the company's training burden.


In particular, during this job training period, the contents industry trend is introduced through a special lecture by the CEO of the resident company, and it is time to listen to the vivid business news of the company representatives who are active in the industry. It is expected that this special CEO lecture, in which various incumbents participate, will provide useful information about the actual jobs and industry trends to new employees.

In addition, special lectures are scheduled for immersive content companies that can identify trends in the content industry and help understand unfamiliar technology areas. 
▲ Gyeongbuk Conjinwon, “Content job training for young job seekers”

Epic Games Korea will share Unreal Engine technology, industry trends, and content creation experiences that have expanded across all industries, from next-generation game technology to architecture and manufacturing industries and metaverse. We will have time to introduce the technologies and perspectives that Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd., an excellent company using Unreal Engine, must have in the era of great digital transformation.

In addition, special lectures by Kakao Friends character designer Hojo and immersive content .mil CEO Jung Hae-woon are prepared for local residents who are interested in the future content industry fused with technology as well as existing content. Those who wish to participate can refer to the notice on the website of the Gyeongbuk Contents Enterprise Support Center.


President Lee Jong-soo emphasized, “For the future development of the content industry in Gyeongbuk, nurturing professionals in the content industry and creating local jobs are key. I hope it will be a meaningful time to broaden the horizon.”


The Gyeongbuk Contents Enterprise Support Center, which is promoting this event, plans to recruit additional job seekers to work in content companies through the 'Company Matching Contents Manpower Training Project' in July. Details of the announcement can be found on the Support Center website.

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