[Economic Review 24.02.26.] 'Game Engine' is spreading throughout the industry... How far will it extend?... Examples of Busan Port construction using SamwooImmersion' Digital Twin (DT) system...

‘Game engines’ are being explored everywhere in the industry... How far will they go?

In an autonomous era, unique block expansion using game engines 
... entertainment, architecture, and education 

Game engines are receiving a lot of love from the industry. The engine refers to a production tool for developers that creates a three-dimensional effect on the screen and accommodates color and contrast depending on the position of the game. There is a movement to utilize game engines as the need for 3D content is applied as a feature of automobiles that give more autonomy to smart work in industries that have entered digital transformation.


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Game engines are widely applied to broadcasting, movies, and drama content. Often, ‘virtual humans’ are also created based on Unreal Engine protection technology. Smile Anniversary Han Yu-ah, Naver ESOL, Krafton Anna, etc. We are branching out into various fields such as noteworthy dramas, corporate promotional models, and vertubers. 

Collaboration image between Disney and Epic Games. Photo = Disney. Source: Economic Review (https://www.econovill.com)

We look forward to Disney's diverse possibilities and utilize Unreal Engine. On the 10th, the Walt Disney Company announced plans to invest approximately $1.5 billion (approximately 2 trillion won) in Epic Games. This will acknowledge that you can feel that you can enjoy the game while applying Epictions' Unreal Engine to Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars content with Disney's owners.

There will also be opportunities in architecture.

VARLOS®, an efficient DT monitoring system using Samwoo Immersion’s digital twin (DT) technology (Source: Samwoo Immersion)

The core technology of Unreal Engine, which has expanded design review and recent virtual environment digital architecture using Digital Twin, AR, and VR, is useful and useful in the field of architecture. For example, the Industrial Port of Busan established a digital twin with 'Samwoo Immersion', a qualified XR company, in May to create a port logistics management system. 

< Click for details on the Busan Port construction case using Samwoo Immersion's Digital Twin (DT) system >

Despite this, online classes are also working on realistic education using Unreal Engine. Cyber University has independently developed realistic educational content through Epic Games' Unreal Engine, and Daegu is said to be able to incorporate this into e-learning education. We can evaluate the effectiveness of this technology in maximizing your emotions and sense of presence. 

Even in 2024, game engine utilization remains an issue. Epic Games said that the number of users who disliked the engine increased by 23% compared to 2022, and that the creation of 2.6 million pet humans and the increase in Unreal Some Place content were major achievements. 


: Economic Review (https://www.econovill.com)| Source: Reporter Shin Gyeong-min skm2000@econovill.com


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