XR-based Digital Twin System

Digital Twin Technology for Smart Monitoring 

Digital twins are based on the interaction between the real world and the virtual world, where each influences the other's world and communicates through 'sync'. Based on the data generated in this process, a virtual space is created to create a flow that can transmit information, allowing activities such as detection, analysis, and prediction to be performed in real time. This is the framework of a digital twin.

The “VARLOS DT Monitoring System,” developed by Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd., a company specializing in XR solutions, processes location-based data and applies it to an XR-based digital control system to create an environment identical to that of a real-time industrial site, enabling two-way interaction. Combines IoT platforms to continuously update and manage data. This improves operational efficiency by predicting performance and identifying problems. Additionally, for user convenience, optimized management information is provided through input of key data of the target environment.

Solutions utilizing digital twin technology, one of the top 10 future strategic technology trends, are as follows. First, the “Maritime Construction Safety Monitoring System,” a digital twin solution based on location-based AR technology. Second, a “3D terminal model-based operation monitoring system” that provides various service levels such as realistic simulation and simulation of the actual working situation of the terminal and predictive information through port terminal control monitoring based on the digital twin model. Lastly, the “Shipyard Operation Monitoring System” implements digital twin monitoring of the status of blocks and production facilities within the shipyard using location-based AR technology.

VARLOS® Terminal Monitoring Digital Twin System 

It is a digital twin-based integrated management solution that enables real-time terminal operation monitoring in real time in connection with terminal operation data and IOT device data.

VARLOS® Building Control Monitoring Digital Twin System

As a digital twin-based integrated disaster prevention monitoring platform, it supports preemptive facility management services and disaster prevention services by applying digital twin technology.

VARLOS® Smart Construction Technology Marine Engineering Safety Monitoring Digital Twin System

The safety monitoring system for marine construction is an integrated management monitoring solution that uses AR-based screen to prevent safety accidents between ships passing through the target area.

VARLOS® Vessel Monitoring Digital Twin Systems

It is a digital twin-based integrated management solution that enables real-time monitoring of vessel navigation information by linking ship organ data and weather information data and reflecting the shape of a ship digital twin that perfectly implements an actual ship.

VARLOS® Shipyard Operation Monitoring Digital Twin System

It is a solution that synchronizes 3D image overlap information and 2D block layout information by utilizing the location data of the dried blocks in the port. Connecting different types of data and systems, including physical objects, processes, relationships, and behaviors, enables better real-time visualization, and provides advanced analysis and automation of future predictions to enable information sharing and collaboration. Based on the CCTV attached to the Goliath crane, it has the advantage of optimally using port resources by making real-time DB of work in the dock.

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