[International News 22.06.03.] Busan Facilities Corporation, one after another selected as a government public offering project for 2022...Securing total project cost of KRW 5.67 billion

Leading smart cities by applying cutting-edge methods that combine AI and new digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and 5G

* Gwangan Bridge illegal lane intrusion detection

(Busan = International News) Reporter Ok-bin Kim = As a public company specializing in facility management under the city of Busan has been selected one after another for various public offering projects organized by the government in 2022, it is expected to be of great help in reducing the budget and revitalizing local checks. 

The Busan Facilities Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Industrial Complex") announced on the 3rd that, as of June, four projects were selected one after another among public offering projects led by the government, and the total project cost was 5.67 billion won (4.16 billion won from the government).

The four projects selected for this year's competition include Gwangan Bridge, Yunsan Tunnel, a public parking lot, and a modernized building in Jagalchi Market.

* Public parking lot parking control advanced system

AI AI technology that will replace human eyes and brain will be applied to detection of illegal lane intrusion of Gwangan Bridge, prediction of accident risk in Yunsan Tunnel, and advancement of parking control technology in public parking lot. After implementation, the 'Digital Twin' technology, which integrates and manages various facility data through 5G communication, is expected to be of great help in improving major management facilities of the industrial complex.

* Prediction of accident risk detection in Yunsan Tunnel / Courtesy of Busan Facilities Corporation

The Corporation will cooperate with a total of 14 local public institutions and private companies such as Busan City, Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency, I.G.O., and Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. 

Space Chairman Lee Hae-seong said, "The selection of a series of publicly funded projects in the first half of this year is expected to greatly contribute to the improvement of Busan's major infrastructure and vitalization of the local economy using cutting-edge technology."

*Digital twin-based facility safety management diagram (example)

Main contents of the contest

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