We support preemptive facility management services and disaster·disaster prevention using digital twin technology. We provide air quality management services based on air quality measurement and detection of hazardous substances, and measure sea water quality and prevent pollution by using water/air quality sensors to measure water quality and determine the presence or absence of pollution. It collects and analyzes a variety of surrounding data information to implement basic machine learning and forecast models for the flow of seafloor geology, and visualize seawater information using a large media wall. In addition, we provide a service that not only detects fire but also guides you to a safe route by escaping from a hazardous area based on machine learning. 


VARLOS® Facility Monitoring

Establishment of an integrated disaster prevention monitoring platform

● We provide preemptive facility management services by applying digital twin technology. 

● We thoroughly manage safety by detecting disasters and disasters such as fire.


VARLOS® Facility Monitoring

Support for seawater quality measurement and preventive management

● Utilize air quality and water quality sensors to measure water quality in real time and check the level of contamination.

● By collecting and analyzing various data information, we implement basic machine learning and forecasting models for the flow of seafloor geology.


VARLOS® Facility Monitoring

Flooding detection by using a large-capacity seawater pump

● Visibility information is visualized according to water level change and tide utilization and CCTV information.

● The water level of the catchment well is determined using the flood detection sensor.


VARLOS® Facility Monitoring

Fire detection and guidance of escape routes from hazardous areas

● Acts as a disaster golden time reminder.

● Provides escape guidance service from hazardous areas based on machine learning for calculating safe routes.


VARLOS® Facility Monitoring

Interlock with legacy system

■ Legacy integration  & Service realization l Monitoring and remote control through the digital twin platform by realizing the integrated information visualization of the distributed legacy system in the Jagalchi market
■ Legacy system integrated control l Integrate and control the dispersed legacy system environment of Jagalchi Market to provide immediate facility management and response environment

  • Quantity, one-way definition and implementation of corresponding functions for each facility
  • Real-time data linkage function
  • Facility integrated control through integrated control panel

  • Operation status visualization function for each elevator
  • Visualize elevator call status and target location for each floor
  • Integration through elevator integrated monitoring panel

  • Display of communication connection status for each remote meter reading watt-hour meter
  • Integration through remote meter reading monitoring management panel
  • Interworking protocol identification completed

  • Individual color control function for each landscape lighting
  • Synchronization function within the digital twin according to the landscape lighting state
  • Integration through landscape lighting control management panel

  • Individual ON/OFF state control function for each light
  • Synchronization function within digital twin according to lighting state
  • Integration through lighting control management panel

  • Visualization function of vehicle entry/exit status in the facility
  • Random generation of models within the digital twin according to vehicle entry and exit
  • Integration through parking control status visualization panel
■ Development and demonstration of an integrated safety monitoring platform for the Jagalchi market through the convergence of new technologies based on 5G and digital twins and management of distributed data

NEWSVARLOS® Building Control Monitoring Digital Twin System

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(48732) 10th floor, 244, Jungang-daero, Dong-gu, Busan (Choryang-dong, Heungkuk Life Insurance Busan office building)

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