[Digital Daily 22.10.26.] Unreal Engine, only games are used?… From culture to urban planning, ‘tick tock’

[Digital Daily Correspondent Wang Jinhwa] Day by day, the use of the game development tool 'game engine' is becoming more diverse. A game engine is a platform and solution for developers used to create a virtual space with three-dimensional (3D) graphics and implement character movements in it. In the past, game engines were used only for game development.


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Busan Port established an efficient port logistics management system by establishing a digital twin with Samwoo Immersion, a company specializing in mixed reality (XR) solutions in the industrial field. In the meantime, the monitoring system of Busan Port has been operated inefficiently as the operation, safety, and prediction-related systems are separated from each other. However, it is explained that the recent digital twin establishment was able to strengthen governance, including operational efficiency and safety management.

Continuous data collection and 3D digitization of large-capacity data are key to building an environment. Epic Games Unreal Engine was also used here. Unreal Engine is a real-time 3D technology that has been mainly used in the game industry, rendering and digitizing changes occurring in Busan Port. It provided managers with various information that could not be known only through CC (closed circuit) TV control, and helped them to take necessary actions.

For example, data collected by a location information system (GPS) tracker mounted on a vehicle or shipping equipment is reflected in the digital twin as it is, and digital information such as ▲container loading/unloading ▲device ▲loading and unloading operation status ▲port safety status is displayed in real time.

Through artificial intelligence (AI)-based analysis and predictive simulation, more efficient port operation is possible by increasing crane productivity and reducing unnecessary input of transport vehicles. In addition, port workers and on-site technicians will be able to communicate more densely, and in the event of an accident, they will be able to respond more quickly through notification that conveys the situation at the accident site in detail.


An official from the game industry said, “In this way, various fields such as manufacturing, semiconductor, bio, and mobility in Korea are concentrating on building digital infrastructure in all directions. Quite a lot,” he explained.

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