[Electronic Times 23.01.08.] Jagalchi Market is safe and comfortable by introducing 5G and digital twin

Development of Samwoo Immersion '5G Digital Twin-based safety management platform'
Established in Jagalchi Market and operated in earnest

Source : Electronic Times(http://www.etnews.com)

< 5G digital twin-based safety management platform built at Jagalchi Market Disaster Prevention Center >

Jagalchi Market in Busan has transformed into a safe and pleasant market by introducing 5G and digital twin technology.

Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency and Samwoo Immersion developed a "5G/digital twin-based safety management platform" in the "2022 5G-based Digital Twin Facility Safety Demonstration Project" of the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency and applied it to the Jagalchi market.

The Jagalchi market was virtualized with digital twin technology, and a safety management platform was developed and integrated to link with the actual Jagalchi market management.

Jagalchi Market uses the New Year's safety management platform to prevent various accidents and drastically improve the environment inside and outside the market to increase customer satisfaction.

Jagalchi Market's safety management platform based on 5G/digital twin has four core functions: water quality management, air quality management, flood detection, fire detection, and escape route guidance.



< Main screen of safety management platform based on 5G digital twin built in Jagalchi Market >

Epic Games' 'Unreal Engine' was used to virtualize the Jagalchi market using 5G-based digital twin. 'Unreal Engine' is a world-class real-time 3D production tool that supports the development of interactive experiences and immersive convergence contents in various industries such as architecture, automobiles, games, movies, and TV.

Epic Games builds a digital conversion support ecosystem based on Unreal Engine and supports the overall digital conversion of companies, production sites, and facilities. Epic Games' various solutions that make up the digital conversion support ecosystem have high quality and high degree of freedom, so anyone can create cutting-edge 3D content, and it is free to use.

Daehee Kim, CEO of Samwoo Immersion, said, “As a result of the empirical test of the four core functions, the response time was reduced by 70-90% compared to the previous one.” It will greatly contribute to the revitalization of the commercial district by increasing the effect.”

Jagalchi Market is Busan's representative market with a floating population of 380,000 a year before Corona 19. Jagalchi Market merchants, citizens, and tourists have demanded digitalization of services, real-time detection and response to risk factors such as flooding, seawater quality, air quality, and fire, and guidance on fire evacuation routes considering the characteristics of large buildings.

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Source : Electronic Times(http://www.etnews.com)

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