to Fully Implement the Actual Port Terminal Real-time Integrated Management Solution Based on Digital Twin

It is a digital twin-based integrated management solution that enables real-time operational status monitoring in conjunction with terminal work and IoT device data by viewing real-time terminals implemented at high resolution from a digital angle.

Terminal Monitoring Digital Twin System is a digital twin-based terminal control system that provides visibility into the continuous data collection from port terminals and the integrated information of big data. Collects sensor measurement data from operational data at port terminals and sensors attached to equipment and structures, and builds IoT platforms to continuously update and manage data. 

Collected data is reflected on the digital twin, allowing real-time 3D visualization of containers, devices, quantitative working conditions, and port safety conditions, and optimized management information through key data inputs in the target environment for user convenience. Workers and field technicians in the port will be able to communicate more densely, and they will be able to identify and respond to the situation more quickly through notifications that specifically convey the situation at the accident site in case of an accident. The collected data will enable more efficient port operations, such as increasing crane productivity and reducing unnecessary input of transport vehicles through AI-based analysis and predictive simulation.

Port movement equipment position sensing device
Smart Helmet, Smart Watch (Device for Port Workers)
Intelligent CCTV system

Location transmission 5 times per second / error range (±10cm) Provides overall information on the equipment, including power on/off, mileage, operating hours, fuel condition, etc

Location transmission 2 times per second / Error range (±1m) Receiving changes in position, altitude, and speed of the worker / Detecting the worker's bio-signal and alarm of the surrounding danger situation
Port container/vehicle number recognition Recognize the container truck queue in the Port Intelligent CCTV Solution KISA Certification

Product Shipping System
Terrain Implementation
Location Tracking Support

Logistics tracking based on product shipment process (transfer-inventory-unloading)
Support unloading/shipping machine progress monitoring and risk detection monitoring
Provide logistics tracking information / unloading operation information

Creation of terrain using numerical elevation model data
Utilization of electronic chart S63 terrain vector data
Creation of terrain using numerical elevation model data
Conversion of coordinate data using UE Georeferencing
Support for application of converted data

Main FeaturesVARLOS® Terminal Monitoring Digital Twin System

1. Terminal layout with digital twin function applied

2. Terminal Equipment Status & Location Information 

3. Real-time operation and analysis, device status information 

4. Danger alarm information 

5. Production Forecast Information 

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