Samwoo Immersion provides Immersion Experience Services based on Immersion Reality Technology.

“IX : Immersion eXperience” is the service name referring to the immersion experience pursued by Samwoo Immersion.

Basically, Samwoo Immersion's Immersion Reality technology based on VR, AR, MR, XR, Metaverse, and Digital Twin technologies is utilized.

However, IX, or Immersion eXperience, refers to a service model in which the user immersive environment is designed with the best value by adding the value of user experience UX to technology-based immersive reality IR. Existing virtual reality-based immersive reality technologies often produce and develop equipment and content with a focus on immersive environments. However, if you do not thoroughly plan and research the user experience based on the user's experience environment and situation, you will inevitably see a situation where users' fatigue and resistance to immersive technology will increase.

Samwoo Immersion prepares and provides user-friendly immersion experience services based on many years of immersive environment development capabilities and experience. We provide users with the virtual reality technology experience they want through an immersion experience based on user experience. Samwoo Immersion's goal is to provide an immersion experience service with an attractive user experience that can encourage users' curiosity and active participation.

Value Mining Chain

CEO Greetings 

  Veteran CEO with 24 years of experience in the virtual education and training field

Enterprise value

The value of '三友' has the shape of a triangle with each point of customer, employee, and shareholder value connected.

It is about balancing each other and creating common values.

We want to create a '三友' spirit where we share and protect each other's values without having to say which comes first.

Company Introduction


      Samwoo Immersion Proves 13 Years of Experience 

Organizational chart

      To create competitive content,

      All-in-one team secured for planning, production, and operation



customers, company and employees are the motifs.


It means to immerse yourself in customers, companies, and employees.


You have chosen Blue, which gives trust to both customers and employees.


SAMWOOIMMERSION Catchphrase refers to a technology company that provides a new reality experience beyond the boundaries of technology and the limits of thought. SAMWOOIMMERSION will take care of your new reality!

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[SAMWOOIMMERSION] Busan Headquarters / [SWXR CAMPUS] 1st and 2nd Training Centers


Choryang Station on Busan Line 1 

right in front of exit 2 

Heungkuk Building 10F


After getting off at Choryang Station, Choryang Intersection

1 minute walk towards Busan Station Heungkuk Building 10F

( Bus 1001, 1003, 40, 22 )

Train KTX 

· On foot: 6 minutes from Busan Station Exit 6 toward Busan Line 1 Subway Station

   Heungkuk Building 10F

Public Transportation: Get on at Busan Station -> Get off at Choryang Station or  Choryang Intersection

   1-minute walk (Bus 1003, 101)  Heungguk Building 10F

[SAMWOOIMMERSION] Seoul IX Development Center

Seoul Station  

· Subway (Lines 1 and 4) Seoul Station: 2-minute walk from Exit 12
· KTX, Airport Railroad: 2 minutes walk from Exit 12


Galwol-dong (middle) stop (toward Sookmyung Women’s University Station (middle)) Within 2 minutes walk

(48732) 10th floor, 244, Jungang-daero, Dong-gu, Busan (Choryang-dong, Heungkuk Life Insurance Busan office building)

TEL : 1600-1663 

FAX : 051-977-0302 

 MAIL : 

Busan Headquarters : (48732) 10th floor, 244, Jungang-daero, Dong-gu, Busan (Choryang-dong, Heungkuk Life Insurance Busan office building)
Seoul IX Development Center : (04323) Room 812(Fast Five Seoul Station Branch), 366, Hangang-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

TEL : 1600-1663  |  FAX : 051-977-0302  |   MAIL :