[Electronic Times 24.03.08.] Samwoo Immersion, corporate-led recruitment-linked Unreal developer training

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All 6 students completed the independently operated ‘SWXR CAMPUS’ curriculum… Direct hiring of 4 people

At the completion ceremony of the Samwoo Immersion SWXR CAMPUS Recruitment-Linked Unreal Engine Developer Training Program.
CEO David Kim (front row, second from right), graduates, and employees are shouting good luck. / Source = Electronic Times

Samwoo Immersion (CEO David Kim) completed the 'SWXR SCHOOL Recruitment-Linked Unreal Engine Developer Training Program' and held a graduation ceremony on the 8th.

'SWXR SCHOOL Recruitment-Linked Unreal Engine Developer Training Program' is Samwoo Immersion’s own training program that trains and hires field-oriented Unreal Engine developers. It is characterized by the fact that private companies, rather than local governments and public institutions, directly cultivate practical talent and link it with recruitment.


Samwoo Immersion conducted intensive training focused on field work performance, consisting of theory-evaluation-practice-evaluation, for about 8 hours a day for about 1 month. All six trainees completed the training, and employment of four of them was confirmed.

CEO David Kim said, "We achieved the success of all six students completing the course despite the difficult training course, which required them to be disqualified if they did not pass the mid-term evaluation. It is the result of a high-quality educational curriculum and the passionate response of trainees."

At the graduation ceremony on this day, Samwoo Immersion held a presentation on the graduates' final projects, introduction of excellent trainees with confirmed employment, and an Epic Games technology seminar.

'SWXR CAMPUS' is an XR-based job training and talent development center built by Samwoo Immersion. It is a cutting-edge vocational training and education infrastructure that fosters future talent that can provide training and education on various jobs such as LNG ship crew, medical personnel, and aviation maintenance using XR content and equipment.

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Source : Electronic Times(http://etnews.com)

SWXR SCHOOL Unreal Engine Developer Training Program

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