[Kookje News 23.09.06.] ‘K-ICT Week in Busan’, which integrates three IT-related exhibitions, concludes on the 6th

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AI Korea, IT Expo Busan, Cloud Expo Korea integrated
Samwoo Immersion and Megazone Cloud introduced XR capable of disaster training
Food ingredient supplier ‘Foodpang’ and remote piano lesson Sound Leader participated

Senior Kim In-woo of the Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency,
who visited the ‘2023 K-ICT WEEK in BUSAN’,
which opened at BEXCO in Haeundae-gu, Busan on the 6th,
is experiencing the fire situation inside the ship with XR (extended reality)
at the Samwoo Immersion booth.
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‘2023 K-ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Week in Busan’, which integrated three IT-related exhibitions, opened on the 6th with a three-day schedule.

‘K-ICT Week in Busan’, held at BEXCO Exhibition Hall 1 in Haeundae-gu, Busan on the afternoon of the 6th, was held on a grand scale as it integrated three events, including the AI exhibition and conference ‘AI Korea’, IT Expo Busan, and Cloud Expo Korea.

There were many local businesses that stood out. Samwoo Immersion, a Busan XR (extended reality) solution specialist developer, presented a simulation that can cope with disaster situations. In a ship fire situation, it is possible to practice using XR to identify the fire, evacuate, and wear a life jacket as if it were a real situation. We have programs for various safety situations such as earthquakes, typhoons, and water safety content, and we also opened ‘SWXR CAMPUS’ within the company last March. This is a job training center where XR-based job training and talent development are possible, and youth safety experiences can be provided.


Park Hyeong-jun, Mayor of Busan City also visited the event venue that day. Mayor Park said, “Through this event, we will fully showcase Busan’s excellent information and communication technology foundation and future direction,” adding, “We will continue to develop this event into Korea’s true K-exhibition and use it as a stepping stone to become a digital innovation city in Busan.”

Busan = Reporter Yoo Jeong-hwan defiant@kookje.co.kr

Source : Kookje News(http://kookje.co.kr)

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