[CAD&Graphics 22.06.02.] Samwoo Immersion's VARLOS Port Monitoring System - Case Study

Build an efficient port logistics management system by creating a digital twin with Unreal Engine

Busan Port is Korea's largest trading port and is the center of shipping and logistics. However, the monitoring system of Busan Port has been operated inefficiently as the systems for operation, safety, and prediction are separated from each other.

Accordingly, Busan Port needed an integrated control system to increase port operation efficiency, and Samwoo Immersion, a company specializing in XR solutions in the industry collaborated with

As a result, a digital twin-based VARLOS Terminal Monitoring System using Unreal Engine was built. ■ Source: Epic Games

Figure 1. On-site monitoring through CCTV linked to VARLOS

Data as it is in the digital twin

The existing control system provided limited quantity and work information, and it was best to install CCTV to check the work situation in real time. In addition, as laws on the safety of field workers have recently been enacted, a system that can monitor integrated information in real time has been more demanded.

VARLOS, created with this request, is a 3D-based digital control system that visualizes large-capacity data and continuous data collection from the port terminal. is reflected as it is. Container loading and unloading, equipment, loading and unloading operation status, and port safety status can be visualized in real time in 3D and intuitively monitored.

Figure 2. On-site monitoring through CCTV linked to VARLOS

Through this, more dense communication between port workers and on-site technicians is possible, and when an accident occurs, it is possible to quickly identify and respond to the situation through a notification that conveys the situation at the accident site in detail. In addition, the collected data enables more efficient port operation, such as increasing the productivity of cranes and reducing unnecessary input of transport vehicles through AI-based analysis and predictive simulation.

Figure 3. Real-time port equipment operation monitoring from the control room 

Figure 4. Real-time port equipment operation monitoring from the control room

Choosing Unreal Engine to Build Advanced Systems

There are various reasons why Samwoo Immersion chose Unreal Engine to build an advanced system. Most notably, Unreal Engine supports the integration of WGS84 coordinate system and MQTT data. In order to build a perfect digital twin, it is essential to link geo-IoT information and topographic mapping using a tiling technique based on a satellite map. Unreal Engine unified the distributed coordinate system data into the WGS84 coordinate system through the georeference plug-in to help integrate GIS information.

Also, for data integration, the fact that Unreal Engine provides all the full source code was a big help. The IoT interface requires a low-power and lightweight protocol due to the characteristics of the wireless terminal. The MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) messaging protocol that satisfies this requirement is an ISO standard method widely used for low-power broadband networks for real-time data transmission, and is a communication method for IoT sensor devices used in numerous domestic and foreign ports.

Figure 5. Geo-IoT information linkage and topographic mapping using the tiling technique based on satellite maps

Figure 6

Therefore, the process of integrating real-time MQTT data was essential. Thanks to the full source code provided by Unreal Engine, Samwoo Immersion integrates data by modifying the necessary source code without limitation, and through this, essential project functions required by the client are provided. could have it all. In addition, since it is a standard IoT platform based on LTE and 5G communication networks, the scalability that can be linked with any IoT device is also an attractive reason.

There are other reasons why Samwoo Immersion chose Unreal Engine. Photorealistic 3D data with high-resolution textures can be applied immediately on site and the results can be checked in real time without compromising performance. Blueprint visual scripting is used to create and review the entire process faster and more intuitively before full-scale coding, reducing the cost of iterative work. Saved time. In addition, development time was greatly reduced by utilizing several plugins and assets provided by Unreal Engine's marketplace.

Figure 7

Figure 8

Figure 9

Figure 10

Unreal Engine's many built-in features make it easy and simple to handle a variety of events

In addition, various functions built into Unreal Engine made it easy and simple to manage 3D objects and handle various events. Through the World Outliner, we were able to efficiently manage numerous objects in the world, as well as create a trigger that can detect collisions between objects by utilizing the collision function to effectively control objects.

Furthermore, through the collision detection trigger between objects and the phase-based GIS information and data reflected in the Unreal Engine digital twin, the shipping process is simulated and verified in advance to identify the work that may overlap between the equipment and facilities of the port terminal in advance. This was a great help in improving the efficiency of port operation.

Figure 11. Simulation of collision detection between objects

The next goal of Samwoo Immersion and the prospect of using Unreal Engine

Samwoo Immersion is applying the digital twin-based terrain visualization technique learned through this project to build an environment for various XR integrated solutions. We are striving to provide an immersive experience with various functions of Unreal Engine. In particular, recently, we are actively utilizing the power of Unreal Engine at the forefront of the defense industry, such as flight control simulators that require a vast real-world terrain-based environment.

Samwoo Immersion further aims to expand the digital twin in the form of a large-scale open world by grafting new technologies of Unreal Engine 5 such as World Partition and Nanite.

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