[Global Economic Daily 21.07.29.] Busan City selected 15 companies with excellent employment

Selected as Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. among 15 companies with excellent employment in 2021

The city of Busan (Mayor Park Hyung-jun) announced on the 29th that it has selected 15 companies with excellent employment among local businesses that have made efforts to create jobs even in difficult economic conditions due to COVID-19.

The city awards certificates to representatives of 15 companies selected as this year's best employers.

The 'Busan City Employment Excellent Company Certification Project' has been implemented since 2010 to induce business expansion and to spread the social atmosphere of job creation.

This year, 58 companies applied for this year in March, and after ▲1st document screening ▲2nd on-site evaluation, the final 15 companies were selected as excellent employers at the Selection Deliberation Committee consisting of experts on the 29th of last month.

Looking at the selected companies by size, ▲Ongroup Medical Foundation (CEO Jeong Geun), a medical corporation with 300 or more employees, ▲Neulpureunbada (CEO Kim Hyung-kwang), Taesang Co., Ltd. (CEO Hwang Chang-ryul), 4 companies including Yeongdo Industrial Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Kwang-ho), Issem Hospital (CEO Lee Seong-geun) ▲ Medpark Co., Ltd. (CEO Park Jeong-bok) with less than 100 employees, Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Dae-hee), Shinwoo Hitech (CEO Park Young-dae), Co., Ltd. Eco Energy Technology Research Center (CEO Lee Jae-geun), Intown Co., Ltd. (CEO Bae Jun-hee), Interocean Co., Ltd. (CEO Chae Jae-ik), PSM (CEO Bae Young-han), Dongsung I&C Co., Ltd. (CEO Choi Jeong-hwa), Mitree Co. ), Modsign Co., Ltd. (CEO Young-Jun Lee), etc. are 10 companies.

Companies selected as excellent employers are provided with various benefits, such as ▲ excellent employment certificate and certification signboard ▲ 40 million won for improvement of working environment ▲ exemption from real estate acquisition tax for newly acquired business ▲ deferment of local tax audit.

Mayor Park Hyung-jun said, “Thank you for your efforts to create jobs and maintain employment despite the difficult situation caused by COVID-19. .

“We will give preference to companies that have created high-quality jobs, and we will spare no effort in supporting such companies to grow and develop further,” he said.

Source: Global Economic Daily (http://www.getnews.co.kr)

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