[Financial News 18.12.12.] 92 companies in Busan launched 'Korean Hidden Champion'

Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd., Selected as 'Strategic Industry Leading Company (Creative Culture Industry)'

Based on the innovative growth strategy, Busan City has rolled up its arms to foster small and medium-sized enterprises that will lead the local economy.

The city of Busan announced on the 12th that it will hold a certificate awarding ceremony for 92 companies selected as 'Strategic Industry Leading Companies' at the Nurimaru APEC House in Haeundae at 10 am on the 13th.

The strategic industry leaders selected this year include 20 companies in the maritime industry, 36 companies in the convergence parts and materials industry, 14 companies in the creative culture industry, 10 companies in the bio-health industry, and 12 companies in the knowledge infrastructure service industry.

In the marine industry, Createk Co., Ltd., Sunjin General Co., Ltd., Daewon Engineering Co., Ltd., Harriana Co., Ltd., Neulpureunbada Co., Ltd., Shindong Digitech Co., Ltd., BIP Co., Ltd., Junga Marine Co., Ltd., Daechang Solution Co., Ltd., Wonkwang Valve Co., Ltd., Modern Intech Co., Ltd., Buheung, Sona Co., Ltd. Tech Co., Ltd., Mesco Co., Ltd., Sungil Encare Co., Ltd., Orion Industry Co., Ltd., Ship Wireless, Seokha Co., Ltd., Bnstilla Co., Ltd., and Kwanglim Marine Tech Co., Ltd. were included.

In the field of convergence parts and materials industry, Eco Energy Technology Research Center, Joil Enterprise, Iljin NTS, Sungjo Machinery, TMG Korea, Boxco, Woosung Valve, Vision Tech, Acro, Fusosan Machinery, and Co., Ltd. Decofave, SPNG Co., Ltd., KNDE Co., Ltd., Nabis Automotive Systems Co., Ltd., Yuwon NC Co., Ltd., Seoil Casting Co., Ltd. Oxford, JK RS Co., Ltd., KOC Electric Co., Ltd., DK Motors Co., Ltd., KS Co., Ltd., Samdo Hydraulic Co., Ltd., Woosung Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd., Samsung Precision Co., Ltd., KTE Co., Ltd., Mo Electric Engineering Co., Ltd., GNP Tech, Kyungsung Industrial Co., Ltd., Yeonsan Metal Co., Ltd., Unicramy Co., Ltd., Jeonjin Entech Co., Ltd., Daedeok Co., Ltd., Dong-A Geology Co., Ltd., SH&M Co., Ltd., Shinhwa Hitech Co., Ltd., Shinhyup Electronics Co., Ltd. etc were selected.

In the field of creative culture industry, Masangsoft Co., Ltd., Ubisys Co., Ltd., SMDV, Design X2 Co., Ltd., J Solution, I&Tech Co., Ltd., Real Hub, Design Busan, Hanscom Information & Communication, Hana Global Co., Ltd., Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd., Zero Web , Down Information and Communication Co., Ltd., and DM Studio were selected.

In the bio-health industry, Medpark Co., Ltd., Sailglobal Co., Ltd., CNP Co., Ltd., Toas Co., Ltd., THC Company Co., Ltd., NeoMed Co., Ltd., Migakyo Station, Good Samseon Hospital, Dong-A University Hospital, Kosin University Gospel Hospital, etc. are leading companies. belonged

In the knowledge infrastructure service industry, Leaders Damage Assessing Co., Ltd., Space Shipping Air Co., Ltd., BIDC Co., Ltd., Wooshin Refrigeration Co., Ltd., Cools Co., Ltd., Daehyun Co., Ltd., Busan Duty Free Shop, Bypex, Winners Marine Co., Ltd., Donghae Marine Co., Ltd., Korea Fisheries Co., Ltd., Co., Ltd. Transam, etc.

To selected companies, financial preferential support from the Bank of Korea, Nonghyup, and Busan Bank, technology development, design, and patent application support from Busan Techno Park, Busan Design Center, and Busan Economic Promotion Agency, Busan Techno Park, Busan Headquarters Customs, Air Busan, etc. Domestic and international marketing and consulting support will be provided.

Mayor Oh Keo-don said, “The strategic industry leader selected this time is a company that is on the starting line of the policy to foster innovative growth, a growth ladder for small and medium-sized enterprises, and will actively support it to grow into a Korean hidden champion. We will grow into a small but strong company and foster good jobs for citizens to become a support for the local economy,” he said. Since 2006, the city of Busan has selected companies that have growth potential for each strategic industry and contribute to the creation of high-quality jobs as 'Strategic Industry Leading Companies' every year, and are developing them into small but strong companies.

2018.12 Financial News

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