[CNB News 19.12.13.] Busan University of Foreign Studies University Job Center, field visit to local companies for job-seeking students

Group cut of Pusan University of Foreign Studies students visiting Taekwang Co., Ltd. (Photo = provided by Busan University of Foreign Studies)

The University Job Center of Busan University of Foreign Studies announced on the 13th that it conducted a field trip to a promising field in Busan for job-seeking students a total of seven times from October 11th to the 6th of this month.

This company visit program visits 9 companies in various fields such as manufacturing and service industries located in Busan to learn information on the operation of small and medium-sized enterprises that are particularly vulnerable, and identify key job groups and tasks to raise awareness of careers and employment among participants. A total of 161 students participated.

Students selected and visited the desired company from among 9 companies including Dongil Rubber Belt, Daeseon Casting, Samwoo Immersion, NC Information Technology, IO Lab, Busan Lotte Hotel, DR AXION, Taekwang, Parkland, and Hotel Nongshim. The activities ended by listening to a special lecture from the representative of the company, having a question-and-answer session, and touring the site.

The companies visited by the students had a wide range of choices as their main industries were diverse, such as rubber product manufacturing, tourism hotel industry, plumbing material manufacturing, and textile industry. He also expressed his intention to participate in the expedition program.

The University Job Center of Pusan University of Foreign Studies analyzed the traditions of companies established after the 1960s and the growth potential of new companies in 2012 among small and medium-sized enterprises in Busan, and reviewed various aspects such as industrial growth potential, corporate competition situation and future prospects predicted by industry characteristics. Nine companies were selected, and participants commented that through this visit, a sense of presence and understanding of their duties increased.

A third-year student in the School of Creative Convergence in Southeast Asia who participated in this program said, “Through this company tour, I got to know a lot of good companies, and there are companies I want to apply for, so I am motivated to study hard. I am happy to have been given the opportunity to learn about my abilities and job duties.”

 Correspondent Choi Won-seok | 2019.12.13 10:06:30 

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