[Korea Economy 22.03.10.] LNG carrier operation virtual reality..Opening of crew training campus

Samwoo Immersion, XR-based program Opened on the 22nd..Expanded to medical, aviation, etc.

Preliminary crew members experience the LNG carrier field through an education program at Samwoo Immersion's SWXR campus on the 3rd. / provided by Samwoo Immersion

A crew training program that introduced virtual reality to eco-friendly ship operation was prepared. By applying digital twin technology, you can directly experience the actual ship operation environment. Samwoo Immersion, which developed this technology, plans to expand its scope not only to liquefied natural gas (LNG) ships, but also to medical and aviation expenses.

Samwoo Immersion announced on the 10th that it would open the extended reality (XR)-based job training program 'SWXR Campus' on the 22nd. It is the place where Samwoo Immersion's self-developed education and training equipment was introduced, and it is evaluated that virtual reality-related technologies will play a role in the forefront of being grafted into the local industry.

Prior to the opening ceremony, Samwoo Immersion had already introduced an LNG carrier cargo management program earlier this month. In collaboration with KLCSM, a subsidiary of SM Group, it developed cargo management contents based on digital twin technology.

The 12 crew members who participated in the training program were able to experience the real environment of a 3,500-ton LNG carrier in operation through virtual reality. From cargo management to valves, he learned how to operate detailed organs that are essential for ship operation. An official from Samwoo Immersion said, “You can fully feel the scene after boarding the vessel.” “It is a program where you can learn the changes in the marine environment of ships going to and from Busan and Jeju and how to respond to them, and how to deal with the workplace when docked in a port.” explained.

Samwoo Immersion plans to actively expand the field of job training through the SWXR program in the future. First, an LNG-powered ship training program will be held in the first half of the year so that crew members can learn LNG bunkering (refueling technology) technology. A large domestic shipping company is participating in this project.

In addition, in cooperation with local universities and public institutions, it plans to discover areas with high importance for job training, such as medical care and aviation security, to pass through the SWXR campus. There is also a separate program to train XR developers.

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