[Busan Jeil Economy 22.03.23.] Busan Local Industry-University Cooperation Branch No. 18, opened in Samwoo Immersion, which expands XR solutions

Using VR/AR technology contents to utilize extended reality… Use of job training, etc. Metaverse platform and XR-based ship operation simulation education and training

At the opening ceremony of the No. 18 Busan Local Industry-Academic Cooperation Branch Center held on the 22nd, Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency Jung Moon-seop (from left), Choi Hyung-wook, Busan City Dong-gu Commissioner, Kim Dae-hee, Busan Technopark Director Kim Hyung-gyun, Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Equipment Research Institute Bae Jeong-cheol Director, Dong-Eui University Artificial Intelligence Grand ICT Research Center Director Jeong Seok-chan is taking a commemorative photo. (Provided by Busan Techno Park) Source: Busan Jeil Economy (https://www.busaneconomy.com)

The Busan Local Industry-Academic Cooperation Branch No. 18 Center was selected as Samwoo Immersion (CEO Kim Dae-hee) and the opening ceremony was held on the 22nd.

The Busan Local Industry-University Cooperation Center announced on the same day that it opened the 18th Local Industry-Academic Cooperation Branch Center in Samwoo Immersion, a company specializing in the development of XR (eXtended Reality) solutions in the industrial field.

Samwoo Immersion is conceptualizing extended reality by combining virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, which have been used in specific fields, with the content industry, and suggests a new direction for this XR-based job training and collaboration environment. . In addition, it is a company that provides integrated XR education and training infrastructure and services through a customized metaverse platform.

Starting with the opening of the local-industrial cooperation branch No. 18, Samwoo Immersion will play a role in creating a virtuous cycle ecosystem in which future demand-based talent development is linked to employment through the XR-based job training center and SWXR SCHOOL’s XR development expert training course. am.

In addition, Samwoo Immersion recently completed the 'XR content-based LNG carrier cargo management basic education' program, which is a ship operation simulation education using XR content, and is actively nurturing LNG carrier specialists, so it is expected to lead the regional-based industry into a new paradigm. do.

On the same day, Samwoo Immersion opened Branch 18 and 'SWXR CAMPU1S', a privately-led XR-based job training and talent nurturing center. In this center, the XR developer nurturing center, private start-up support center, and XR experience center will be integrated, and it is expected that multilateral regional-industrial cooperation will be achieved in the XR industry.

Daehee Kim, CEO of Samwoo Immersion, said, “Thanks to the opening of Branch No. 18 for local-industry-academic cooperation, we look forward to providing various job training in the marine, aviation, medical and industrial fields, such as LNG and special ships, which are difficult to train in real environments.” said

Kim Hyung-gyun, president of Busan Technopark, said, “Recently, the top topic for local businesses is nurturing and attracting local talent. It is expected to play a major role in nurturing talent and establishing the local XR industry ecosystem.”

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