[Daily Korea 16.09.13. ] Busan City, 'Business Service Small and Medium Enterprise' selected as 10 companies - Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. in R&D field

Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. Selected as a small giant in the R&D field

The city of Busan will hold a selection letter awarding ceremony for 10 companies selected as 'Busan Business Service Small and Medium Enterprises' in International Small Conference Room II on the 12th floor of City Hall at 2 pm on September 19th.

Busan City selects and supports the top 100 business service giants by 2020 to intensively foster the business service industry, a high-value-added knowledge-based industry that has high employment absorption and is closely related to manufacturing, as an industry that will perform a central function in the southeast region. 10 companies in 5 fields including R&D, professional service, engineering, IT service, and design were selected for the first time this year.

After the project announcement in May, a selection committee was held with the Busan Economic Promotion Agency for a total of 52 applicant companies to conduct document screening, on-site due diligence, and presentation evaluation on corporate growth potential, economic contribution, and capability to perform central functions in the southeast region. 10 companies were selected as 'business service giants'.

The companies selected as 'Busan Business Service Giants' are △Three companies in the R&D field: Samwoo Immersion (CEO Kim Dae-hee), S-winus (CEO Shin Ji-jo), and Eco Energy Technology Research Center (CEO Lee Jae-geun) △ Among the professional services, two companies such as Sanyoung Communication (CEO Seung-Jun Ha) and Admax (CEO Min-Hwan Kim) in the advertising field △One Hansol Intech (CEO Bo-ik Jo) in the engineering field △Down Information and Communication Co., Ltd. (CEO Bo-ik Jo) in the IT service field Chung-gyo Chung) and Il-A Open Co., Ltd. (CEO Jeong Seong-hyun) △ In the design field, there are two companies: IM Communication (CEO Sung Ki-taek) and Proin Communication (CEO Kim Hyun-ji).

Up to 70 million won for knowledge service voucher projects and up to 30 million won for the commercialization of knowledge service ideas will be provided to selected companies.

An official from Busan City said, “In addition to the planned support projects, we will organize and operate the “Business Service Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Council” to continuously discover policy tasks such as market development, R&D, and manpower training so that it can perform a pivotal function in the service industry in the southeast economic region. We will actively support it.”

2016.09 Daily Korea 

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