[Hankyung Society 18.07.27.] Busan sees 'The future of shipbuilding and offshore industry meets VR'

2018 Busan VR Festival, Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. introduced a ship safety operation training program and ship engine practice training system in virtual space

The '2018 Busan VR Festival', which examines the future of virtual reality (VR), which has emerged as the core of the 4th industrial revolution and related industry prospects, opened on the 26th at BEXCO in Haeundae.

This event, co-hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT, Busan City, and the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency, explores business models of virtual reality and augmented reality (AR) and ways to create a global platform. More than 17,000 people are expected to visit the VR Festival exhibition, which will be held until the 28th, as the number of participating companies increased from 74 to 96 last year. During this event, attempts are made to increase synergy by connecting virtual reality with regional specialized industries such as marine, construction, film, and medical care.

Total SoftBank (CEO Choi Jang-soo) has launched a system that allows users to experience and educate on loading and unloading containers in a virtual space, and a VR product that allows users to learn welding technology through simulation in a virtual space.

Samwoo Immersion (CEO Kim Dae-hee) presented a ship safety navigation education program and a ship engine practice training system in a virtual space. It is a system where you can check and learn the work status, production process monitoring, work schedule, and material/process management.

Visual Reactor (CEO Lim Chang-soo) developed a virtual space system for maintenance of cars and guns, and introduced a program for automobile maintenance companies and trainees to learn maintenance operations and processes.

ADMI (CEO Kim Moon-sik) introduced a tangible simulator that allows children to experience safari in the Arctic by riding a sled or balloon.

Tiraum Lab (CEO Won-Jin Cho) has launched a system that visualizes the architecture and interior processes 360 degrees in a virtual space using 3D digital data.
This event was prepared with the purpose of helping Busan, the 'Asia-centric city', to pursue industrial development in connection with the entertainment and sports fields. The Busan Film Commission decided to introduce a high-speed camera capable of filming fast motion and post-production in virtual reality and installing it at the Busan Film Studio in Busan Suyeong Yacht Stadium in early December.

Appnori (CEO Hyun-wook Lee) introduced a game that enables players to realistically play sports such as baseball and table tennis using virtual reality equipment.

SY Innotech (CEO Lee Yeon-hwa) drew attention by developing a VR cognitive training solution for the rehabilitation training field and dementia prevention.

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