[News Today 18.12.10.] Dreaming of becoming a favorite in the field of industrial education with innovative VR teaching materials! Daehee Kim, CEO of Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd.

Interview with the CEO of Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. _ Committed to disseminating solutions that increase work efficiency in various occupations

Samwoo Immersion, which started in 2011, is a technology development company specializing in virtual experience solutions and intelligent monitoring solutions that have entered their 8th year. Participating in the 4th Korea Safety Industry Expo this year, a day and a half passed, various reactions to Samwoo Immersion technology were witnessed.

Through an interview with CEO Kim Dae-hee, let's hear the goal of the virtual experience field in the 4th industrial age.

Improve the quality of functional and procedural training and streamline the process

Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. announced a software and hardware integration solution using Smart Works and smart glass equipment at this expo. Their main solutions are 'Immerution', a VR solution that enables education and training in a reality similar to the real environment, and 'Varlos' based on augmented reality that overlaps the information of a moving object on an image. In the case of Immulation, practical training is possible in various situations such as hoistways, machine rooms, and ship operation. In particular, the use of VR teaching aids can be of great help to marine emergencies that are difficult to reproduce because they are rough and dangerous, such as escape. If you use a helmet equipped with a balos, you can see the field worker's field of view by remote control from the control room. Therefore, it is a product that is easy for control rooms and field workers to build a smart work environment.

The inner room cultivated in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality, expressed as VR teaching materials

Along with the 4th industrial revolution, smart factories are in the spotlight in high-level technical departments such as aircraft maintenance. Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. has been conducting data processing and AR and VR development in the industrial field from the beginning of the business. This means that you have developed a lot of confidence in the field. CEO Kim said, “There is a limit to vaguely learning a job through writing and drawing. VR is highly effective in education because it allows you to enter into a situation and interact with it.” In addition, Samwoo Immersion's products are being actively used in NCS courses and public institutions such as schools and maritime police. CEO Kim added that, as a content development company specializing in education and training, it aims to develop education, training, and solutions that are applied to various occupations in order to become a VR-based virtual training specialized education and training institution.

In addition to his main job, CEO Kim is conducting VR-related lectures for university professors. He said, “If we talk during the lecture, there are many types of equipment and tips, but it is often difficult to know which equipment to use in a specific situation. Therefore, through special lectures, we are delivering a guide on the proper use and configuration of VR solutions.”

‘Samwoo’ in Samwoo Immersion means three friends: owner, employee, and customer. The three relationships that make up the company are mutually beneficial and contain the will to create a harmonious environment. Samwoo Immersion Co., Ltd. entered into full-scale marketing and participated in five exhibitions this year alone. We are considering attracting investment in the US market and direct sales in the future, and are currently conducting a number of national research projects. This is the time to look forward to the VR education and training teaching materials and augmented reality smart work solution business that Samwoo Immersion will pioneer. 

2018. 12 News Today

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