[Edaily 19.04.25.] HP Korea opens 3D printer experience hall and introduces new products.. VR headset

Samwoo Immersion, HP Korea 3D Printer Experience Center

HP Korea introduced a color 3D printer capable of expressing 300,000 colors and a workstation product line that supports it in Korea on the 25th.

At the event held at the headquarters of Interi Korea, a distributor located in Seocho-gu, Seoul on the same day, related products were introduced along with the 'HP 3D Printing Experience Center' opened here. The product unveiled on this day is the HP Jet Fusion 300/500 series, which consists of mono (monochrome) and color, and is priced from 130 million won to 160 million won.

HP Korea and Interi Korea also provide a service that allows users to borrow 3D printers only when necessary, rather than directly purchasing them, for consumers who feel burdened by the high cost of introduction. After using it first, if it is judged that the necessity and efficiency are sufficient, the plan is to introduce it.

Its main targets are heavy industry, manufacturing, automobiles, healthcare, broadcasting, and aerospace industries, and it plans to conduct business in schools and research institutes as well. In particular, it is expected to have many uses in the production of prototypes or the implementation and delivery of ideas.

“HP believes that the 4th industrial revolution will bring new success to the Korean economy, and 3D printing will play an important role,” said Daehwan Kim, CEO of HP Korea. Working with us, we are equipped with the innovations and technologies needed for future growth industries, which will enable us to support prototyping on the HP Multi-Jet Fusion 3D Printing Technology Platform, regardless of customer industry or design complexity.”

HP Korea also introduced the workstation product line, a high-performance computer that supports complex 3D graphic design, and the HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset, which can view 3D virtual reality (VR).

In particular, VR headset products support up to 4K (4320×2160) resolution, weigh less than 500g, and have a main body price of 800,000 won, so they plan to target entertainment, education, training, and industry/commerce fields. In the case of the demonstration, which was presented on this day, a simulation of safety and evacuation training in case of a fire in the ship was presented, emphasizing the fact that the training can be conducted as if it were a real disaster situation.

It is equipped with a microphone to support voice recognition such as Siri and Cortana, and it is equipped with Intel Optane memory so that large-capacity colorful graphics can be loaded without difficulty. An official from HP Korea explained that the Bluetooth motion controller is built into the headset to reduce battery consumption.

2019.04 Reporter Lee Jae-woon of E-Daily

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