[Electronic Newspaper 20.07.06.] Samwoo Immersion, leap forward as a 'industrial VR/AR solution specialist'

<Solutions possessed by Samwoo Immersion (from left: harbor crane operation simulator, disaster response virtual training solution, ship operation simulation)>

Samwoo Immersion, a company specializing in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), will leap forward as a company specializing in industrial VR and AR total solutions, from maritime safety education to smart factory construction.

Samwoo Immersion (CEO Kim Dae-hee) is planning to develop and supply 40 of its VR/AR solutions according to the needs of the field and customers by integrating them into three brands, 'Trecom Monitoring', 'Immersion VR' and 'Valos AR'. work said

'Trecom Monitoring' is a simulation & monitoring solution that provides field job education and training such as ship operation, maintenance and repair in a 3D environment. It is used for disaster preparedness virtual training, aircraft and warship piloting practice, and weapon system training monitoring.

Samwoo Immersion developed and delivered visual visualization simulators for the front of the ship to the Coast Guard in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, earthquake experience simulators in Spowon, and Oryukdo sea experience simulators to Nam-gu Office in Busan.

The 'ship pilot training simulator' provided to Korea Maritime University can be applied not only to ships operating in deep seas and offshore, but also to institutional and university test/training ships, and small and medium-sized fishing vessels. It can be used as an intelligent ship integrated information monitoring system by integrating the ship electronic chart, radar viewer, and various measurement functions.

Recently, it has also developed an intelligent smart factory solution that can increase corporate productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction from design to development, manufacturing, distribution and logistics.

'Immersion VR' is a solution that allows you to experience a virtual environment similar to the real environment. When applied to work, education, or training, it increases concentration and allows easy access to difficult field situations such as containment and heights through VR experience.

The 'VR-based virtual experience hardware platform' is the latest immersion solution that allows multiple users to access various experiences together.

'Balos AR' is a vision AR solution that can perform various maintenance and training remotely by superimposing the field situation and information on the video. We are developing the latest smart work solutions following remote maintenance services and shipyard productivity improvement solutions. The 'remote maintenance service' uses voice recognition and AR technology to perform necessary tasks as if a field worker and remote volunteer were one body.

The shipbuilding equipment remote maintenance system (RMS) is a recently completed solution as part of the national innovation cluster R&D project. In the event of a vessel failure on the high seas, it is possible to remotely respond to equipment or component failures in the vessel on land.

CEO Kim Dae-hee said, "VR/AR training can significantly reduce the risk of actual training and at the same time have the same effect.

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