IMO (International Maritime Organization)

 IMO (International Maritime Organization)

Application Case

Project name  :  Coastal passenger ship VR content development and equipment supply

Business period : November 18, 2021 ~ July 31, 2022 


Suggest the advancement of passenger ship operation management  to strengthen the marine accident prevention system !

Korea Maritime Transportation Safety Authority is strengthening safety innovation and traffic safety policy support by applying quaternary industrial technology to improve ship safety management and advance passenger ship operation management to strengthen the maritime accident prevention system. For this project, realistic content was produced based on Samwoo Immersion's content production know-how, and incident response and related laws were applied based on the policies of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). We have provided content that allows policy makers in developing countries to virtually experience the situation directly related to coastal passenger ship safety, and provided equipment to experience it realistically. 
Considering the expertise of the business, Samwoo Immersion, which expresses the special environment on board and has experience in developing many VR contents in the field of maritime traffic safety, and Korea Maritime Transportation Safety Authority worked together to create the safest sea route in the world.

Scenario 1   Vehicle loading area fire
* Accident situation experience1. A medium-sized fire occurred in the vehicle loading area
2. Fire detection equipment not working
3. Failure to extinguish due to time delay
* Introduction of related regulationsIntroduction of international agreements and Korean regulations related to the operation of ship fire detectors, powder fire extinguishers, and fire hydrants
* Response to accident situationsIn the same accident situation, successful fire suppression through normal operation and rapid use of fire extinguishing facilities

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Scenario 2   Engine Room Fire
* Accident situation experience1. Evacuation due to fire
2. Symbols in cabin and emergency evacuation route are not provided
3. Casualties occurred due to omission of passenger confirmation procedure
* Introduction of related regulationsIntroduce related contents such as posting of evacuation symbols and emergency evacuation routes according to the Korean coastal passenger ship regulations, and passenger search
* Response to accident situationsIn the same accident situation, familiarize yourself with the evacuation procedure and provide related signs (symbols, etc.) to quickly assemble and evacuate 

Scenario 3   Life-saving equipment management
* Accident situation experience1. Life-saving equipment not working
2. Insufficient number of
stocks 3. Casualties due to failure to evacuate quickly
* Introduction of related regulationsIntroduction of related contents such as the quantity of life jackets according to Korean regulations, provision of life jackets for infants, inspection of life rafts and adjustment of operating lines, etc.
* Response to accident situationsIn the same accident situation, prompt evacuation and prevention of casualties by using appropriate lifesaving equipment

Scenario 4   Overload Prevention Flight Management
* Accident situation experience1. Exceeding the number of passengers boarding
2. Experience of accidents due to cargo overload and poor cargo securing
* Introduction of related regulationsIntroduction of on-site inspection cases based on Korea's passenger ship safety management regulations
*Accident situation response and
   prevention method
Policy proposals for prompt response in the event of an accident and prevention of overload and overload accidents

Scenario 5   Route Hazard Response 
* Accident situation experience1. Accident of collision with passage ship
2. Accident of propeller winding around aquaculture facility
* Introduction of preventive policiesSharing of efforts to prevent accidents by producing and distributing the 'Coastal Passenger Ship Routes and Current Status of Licensed Fishing Grounds' by the Korean government, reporting hazards on routes, and cracking down on illegal fishing grounds
* Experience the improvement resultsUnder the same circumstances, experience that a passenger ship route can be evaded relatively easily if the passenger ship route is operated by dividing the route so that the fish farm does not intrude on each other. 

  Translation in 5 languages  

In order to introduce prevention policies for safe maritime transportation in ASEAN developing countries, and to smoothly provide experiential education for future generations for the thorough prevention of maritime accidents and the spread of maritime safety culture, it has been translated into five languages.




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