National Forensic Service

National Forensic Service

Construction Case

Project name  :  Research on the development of a virtual reality simulation system at the National Forensic Service

Business period : April 07, 2023 ~ November 17, 2023 ( 225 days )

Expand digital investigation simulation with software technology!
The goal is to achieve accurate identification by applying actual physical phenomena and developing them into a form most similar to the one at the time of the fire!

National Forensic Service

National Forensic Service

Web VR Editor

  • Users can intuitively create VR program scenarios using the editor's functions using 360˚ images, text, sound sources, and photos that collect spatial information characteristics of the actual site
  • Provides the ability to create and edit VR scenarios
  • Provides virtual reality simulation function based on realistic spatial information
  • Provides the ability to place notes and documents (PDF format) through markup at specific locations for each space/zone
  • Provides the ability to look around and analyze specific spaces or areas inside/outside the building in street view format
  • Considering user convenience through optimal UI placement in a first-person perspective-based simulation environment
  • Provides realistic VR simulation with HMD linkage function
  • Provides account management function through database linkage

Expected Effect

  • Dramatically reduces the time and cost required to collect and implement spatial information for on-site dentification.
  • It is possible to simulate numerous characteristic points before and after a fire occurs.
  • Promote the storage of information in long-term memory through virtual reality-based simulation that allows for reality-based approach and implementation, and provision of hints or clues to help solve problems.

Software Quality Certification & Thesis

[Software Quality Certification] 1st Class (GS-22-0016)[Thesis] A Study on the Performance of Pre-Operated
Rendering Techniques to Reduce Rendering Loads
in a Web VR Environment

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