Korea Polytechnics Dream Workshop

Korea Polytechnics Dream Workshop

Application Case

Project name  :  Dream Workshop XR experiential education equipment and contents purchase

Strengthen free technical education and experiential learning support services for the public by opening the facilities and equipment owned by Korea Polytechnics's Learning Factory, base sharing studio, and departments to the private sector!

  • Establishing and operating Dream Workshops on each campus
    : Development of a Dream Workshop use system using the website
  • Supporting technical education and experiential learning
  • Supporting project practice for AI+x convergence education for current students
  • Building a virtual experience booth using extended reality (XR)

Application of 12 of Korea Polytechnics’s 35 campuses (Seoul Jeongsu Campus, etc.)

XR Experience Equipment
* Built-in equipment may vary depending on campus.

VR Station XO
Advanced VR Training System Implementation Equipment

All-in-ONE equipment for VR education allows training anywhere without restrictions on movement between training rooms and indoors and outdoors, and is designed for easy operation with a 43-inch touch screen.

Portable VR Kit
Portable VR Training System Establishment Equipment

Designed in the form of a carrier, Samwoo Immersion's Portable VR KIT allows free mobile education, so there are no restrictions on training places such as ship loading and long-distance movement, and non-face-to-face education is possible.

Basic first aid XR equipment

It consists of an evaluation system that supports trainees' demonstration screen confirmation and progress status review, and a CPR model linked to the solution. It is a carrier-type equipment that can be carried so that there are no restrictions on the training location.

Forklift VR Driving Training Simulator
Forklift safety training with VR

* Source: Youngil Education System
This is a virtual training simulator for forklift driving technicians and mastering driving skills that applies the latest regulations for forklift driving certification from the Human Resources Development Service and delivers the same performance as actual equipment.

* Source: Youngil Education System

* Source: Youngil Education System

Smart Glasses
Microsoft HoloLens 2

It is a wearable holographic computer that creates immersive mixed reality as a 3D hologram without connecting to a smartphone or PC and allows it to be freely manipulated with the user's hand gestures or voice.

XR experience contents : Introducing optimized contents tailored to the characteristics of polytechnics and regional campuses

  • Industrial safety content : Experience and response training on facility management, industrial disasters, etc.
  • Life safety content : Experience and response training on CPR/AED basic first aid, infectious disease prevention, etc.
  • Natural disaster content : Experience and response training on typhoons, earthquakes, floods, etc.

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