Incheon Jaeneung Hish School 


Application Case 

Project name  :  Incheon Jaeneung Hish School CPR / AED XR KIT Building CPR / AED Education System 

The installation equipment: 1 unit for CPR / AED XR KIT instructor, 2 units for students 


CPR/AED XR Educational System Introduction !!

Realization of a safe school where all students become paramedics!

CPR is the process of saving lives in urgent emergency situations such as cardiac arrest or breathing cessation.

Following CPR, you can increase your chances of survival in the event of an emergency by learning how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator), 

It is possible to practice effective first aid that can save the patient's life. 

SAMWOOIMMERSION Co.,Ltd.CPR /AED XRtraining KIT was developed in compliance with the procedures presented by 


  • Virtual training that is close to realistic scenarios helps users learn and apply CPR and AED.
  • We provide a level of training that allows you to respond quickly in emergency situations.
  • Content management and control through a smart integrated control system for instructors

 Incheon Jaeneung Hish School  Maker Space Lab

CPR / AED XR KIT user training

Experience Equipmentt
* Built equipment may vary.


  • Expressing the location and shape of the heart increases the effectiveness of education.
  • Increases the effectiveness of education by visually expressing the degree of compression of the heart.

Establishment of a lightweight education system 

CPR / AED basic first aid XR KIT is designed for effective training. 

It consists of an evaluation system that supports up to 40 trainees to check the demonstration screen and review the progress status, and a CPR model linked to the solution, 

Vehicle movement, long distance movement, etc. 

This is VR equipment designed in the form of a portable carrier so that there are no restrictions on training locations.

● Instructor System 

Function 1. Pressure Feedback UI

Function 2. Evaluation and record management_full history

Function 3. User execution control and record management monitoring 

Life Safety VR KIT (CPR / AED) Preview

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