Korea Lift College

Korea Lift College_Multimedia Learning Room

Application Case 

Project name  : Korea Lift College_Multimedia Learning

Business period : 2024.01.23 ~ 2024.02.23


K-Lift! To increase value globally! 

Introduction of VR-based Lift engineer training system!

Through the development of the 3rd elevator engineer training system (CBT · VR), we provided concentrated and repetitive services to beginners in elevators, aiming to provide correct educational information on elevator installation and maximize immersion. We have built educational content for this purpose.


  • CBT-based educational content for enhancing technical competencies in understanding the operational principles, external and internal structures, assembly and disassembly of elevator components, as well as maintenance and replacement procedures
  • Description of the process including introduction and assembly of key components, as well as verification of operational status
  • Content management and control through a smart integrated control system for instructors


Expected outcomes

  • Improved learning efficiency Improved learning efficiency through repetitive learning and personalized content delivery
  • Enhanced comprehension of learning Enhanced comprehension through dual learning via learning mode and video mode
  • Continuous motivation for learning Motivation for learning through personalized feedback and immediate sense of achievement
  • Providing practical opportunities for hands-on experience Simulation allows for simulated experiences in real-life situations without geographical or time constraints

 Korea Lift College_Multimedia Learning

Building an Lift safety experience multimedia learning room(VR)

VR education


● Educational program function 

 : NCS-based job training and technical advice from an expert belonging to an elevator company to implement and complete a scenario 

Elevator Installation  Elevator Inspection
Escalator Inspection
Safety Accident Prevention Education

● Learning support system 

 : Classroom/instructor management, training result search, and learning situation search function for administrators to check student learning information 

Learning Guidance Management
Classroom / Instructor Management
Training Search
Learning Situation Search

● Integrated management function (VR simulation function) 

 : Provides necessary functions for the operator to train trainees (3D rendering quality setting, 3D viewer adjustment, scenario repetition setting, etc.) 

3D Rendering Quality Settings 3D Viewer Adjustments
Check the Completeness of Work
Scenario Repeat Settings

● Possession of English version 

 : Provides an English version other than Korean so that trainees from various countries can participate 

English version of the same content 

XR Experience Equipment
* The installed equipment may vary.

VR Station XO
High-end VR Education System Setup Equipment

all-in-one VR education system that allows education to take place anywhere without constraints on moving between classrooms or indoor/outdoor locations. The equipment features a 43-inch touchscreen for easy operation.

Lift VR Education System 

Elevator Installation

  • Protective measures before installation
  • Template installation
  • rail lifting
  • machine room
  • First rail work
  • roping work
  • Temporary car assembly
  • rail installation
  • Entryway installation
  • Car panel and compen chain installation
  • Car operator installation
  • Installationofinspection operation panel

  • Platform and car inspection
  • Machine room inspection
  • elevator maintenance
  • Car door and lowest level platform
  • Pit and Kahabu Scenario

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