Hanwha Ocean Digital Twin for LFS

Hanwha Ocean Digital Twin for LFS

Hanwha Ocean 

Project name : Digital Twin for Type C LNG Fuel Tank & System

Project period : 2023.07.03 ~ 2023.12.31 (182 days)


Taking the First Step Towards a Sustainable Future: Technologies for Environmental Conservation

VARLOS® Vessel Monitoring Digital Twin Systems

Designed for a Future Industry with Zero Risk and 100% Efficiency through Digital Twin!

Hanwha Ocean's Digital Twin for LSF Vessel Monitoring System is a digital twin system built to make ship operations more efficient and secure. It provides accurate monitoring based on real-time data and actual shapes, maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing risks.

Features of Digital Twin for LFS

  • Realistic environment implementation based on actual equipment shape information with the same scale and texture representation
  • Provides monitoring information and simulation functions through actual data linkage
  • Intuitive understanding through various visualization functions such as data charts
  • Effectively convey information through visualizing processes using various visual effects
  • Provides UI/UX function for various information and user convenience
  • Provides a training mode that is conducted by scenario based on actual circumstances


Expected Effects of Digital Twin for LFS

  • Providing usability for efficient vessel operation through actual data monitoring
  • The high accuracy and intuition of 3D model information makes it easy to understand the shape, structure, condition, and understanding of the vessel
  • Help improve relevant technologies and processes based on simulation analysis and prediction

 VARLOS® Vessel Monitoring Digital Twin System

Providing login service / mode selection

  • User login allows you to securely manage your program usage logs.

  • It is configured to select a digital twin vessel monitoring system and 3D training mode.

Reproduce vessel and real sites identically using 3D modeling technology

  • With 3D modeling manufacturing technology, the actual size and shape of the vessel are implemented lifelike and provide a realistic
    environment as if it were in the real world.

Synchronization of data for designated schedule through actual data integration

  • Through data synchronization of the schedule designated as an actual data link, detailed information for data management and
    analysis can be grasped at a glance.

Intuitive data visualization through various visualizations

  • It provides a more efficient understanding of contextual data through visualization of various simulation data information.

Real-time data lookup and user-friendly interface

  • Various monitoring features of actual data facilitate easy understanding of ship status.

  •  Equipment and system interfaces are systematically designed to allow users to easily find necessary information, significantly
    enhancing the efficiency of information retrieval.

Provides 3D OTS Scenario training mode

  • Realistic training based on 3D models is provided according to scenario procedures with different modes.

Data visualization using effects

  • It intuitively provides information on the flow rate and direction of pipes with visualization using effects so that users can recognize
    the flow of materials.

Internal equipment visualization and information representation

  • Offering effective 3D process visualization by visualizing the interior of tanks on ships to assist user comprehension.

Interactive features such as mouse clicking and hovering

  • By visualizing and expressing the vessel's equipment operation status, more efficient procedures can be carried out through interactions
    such as mouse clicks and hover.

 VARLOS® Vessel Monitoring Digital Twin System Preview

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