Incheon Campus semiconductor process and wafer manufacturing/etching process simulator purchase

Incheon Campus semiconductor process and 

wafer manufacturing/etching process simulator purchase

Comstruction Case

Business Name: Purchase of Semiconductor Process and Wafer Etching Process Simulator for Incheon Campus

Project Duration: September 13, 2023 - December 27, 2023

Educational Program: Convergent Education for Semiconductor Talent Cultivation

Focusing on facility and equipment investment to establish a hub for semiconductor talent cultivation! Building a practical and industry-friendly educational infrastructure for emerging industries!

The project conducted in collaboration with Incheon Campus of Korea Polytechnic University aims to address the increasing need for an environment conducive to enhancing the competitiveness of the semiconductor industry due to shifts in industrial paradigms and market dynamics. The main objective is to establish tailored equipment for emerging industries and secure necessary materials and software. This project facilitates the mastery of semiconductor process equipment maintenance processes through repetitive practice and enhances safety response capabilities through Virtual Reality (VR). Additionally, it utilizes a systematic planning procedure based on National Competency Standards (NCS) and industrial safety education scenarios to induce high educational effectiveness and immersion.

Scenario configuration based on 8 major semiconductor process procedures

8 major semiconductor processes
1. Wafer manufacturing: Cut silicon ingots into round wafers
2. Oxidation: Forming a silicon oxide film on the wafer surface
3. Photo: Engraving a semiconductor circuit on a wafer using light
4. Etching: Removal of the remaining portion (oxide film) excluding the circuit pattern
5. Deposition, ion implantation: After making a thin film, ion implantation to have electrical properties
6. Metal wiring: Connect the electric path (metal wire) according to the circuit pattern
7.Test (EDS): Inspects each chip (die) on the wafer to eliminate defective products
8. Packaging: Cut the chips on the wafer into individual pieces and apply a protective film to complete the semiconductor

Semiconductor processing equipment operation process

[1] Learning wafer manufacturing process procedures

wafer quiz solved

[2] Learning exposure process procedures


2.First layer exposure process

3.Second layer exposure process

[3] Learning the etching process procedure


2.coding process

3.etching process

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